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Most Viewed Pulpconnection Posts for 2012

So I know what the Pulpconnection view count looks like for 2012. What posts drew the most interest? According to Google Analytics, these are the top ten viewed posts. 21 Slang Words You Should Know Before Visiting Hawaii (Part 1) (2009) Starbucks Red Eye, Black Eye, and Ghetto Latte (2007) Starbucks Gold Is Now Starbucks […]

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Holiday Gift Guide: Music from Rihanna

Time for Christmas shopping is just about over. It’s way too late for online orders to arrive, and if you can’t find anything in the local stores, what are you going to do? How about online orders that are available immediately? Something like handpicked tunes for a music fan. Here’s my collection of highlights from […]

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Verismo made latte

Holiday Gift Guide: Starbucks Verismo

Individual coffee cup brewers aka K-cups are here to stay with its enormous growth and popularity. So of course, Starbucks had to get into this lucrative market but also one up the competition with its Verismo system. Besides brewed coffee, the Verismo line can craft espresso and latte drinks, upscaling your K-cup experience. Combine the […]

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Listing My Holiday Gift Guide 2012

While I’m using Pinterest to capture ideas and inspiration for my 2012 Holiday Gift Guide, I’m trying out Well to list my posted gift ideas. I signed up for Well a while ago, and I’m checking out what it can do. Here’s a brief description of Well: Well helps you collect and share the things […]

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Holiday Gift Guide: APE

In this case, APE stands for Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur, and in this book, Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch show you how you can write and publish a book in these changing times. Even better, you can quickly gift this eBook on Amazon or its Kindle service (free for Prime members!). I’ve only started reading my […]

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Holiday Gift Guide: Pizza Hut Perfume

Who doesn’t want to smell like a Super Supreme or a Meat Lovers? Not for you? Then how about the vegetarian scent of Garden Fresh or a Veggie Lovers. Damn, aren’t you already drooling hearing the names of Pizza Hut pizzas? That’s the basic attraction of the Pizza Hut Perfume. This is another quirky but […]

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Wii Mini

Holiday Gift Guide: Wii Mini

From our neighbors in the north comes the Nintendo Wii Mini. Yes, mini, and it’s only available in Canada. The Mini is a stripped down Wii removed of all online features. But at $99 and still able to play over 1400 disc-based Wii games, the Wii Mini shouldn’t be overlooked. Well, if you can get […]

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Starbucks Steel Card

Holiday Gift Guide: Starbucks Steel

This gift is all about being a trend setter possessing a status symbol. Nothing says you’ve arrived like this limited edition Starbucks premium gift card actually made out of steel. Only 5000 of these special cards will be forged and sold through for a mere $450. But don’t worry, $400 of the cost is […]

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