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The Sheepish Flex

Following the passive aggressive flex comes the sheepish flex. So today at work while closing out an issue with a coworker, the Angry Asian Girl walked by trying not to be noticed. Why? Because she was rocking these today! These being the Nike Air Force 1 07 Limited Edition that’s decorated with Japanese cherry blossoms […]

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Social Media, the POTUS, and Thanks

The end of 2010 brought up a totally unexpected social media opportunity – to watch the arrival of Air Force One and its primary passenger, President Barack Obama. President Obama and the First Family have been making it their Holiday tradition to vacation in Hawaii, but never would I have thought that I would be […]

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Aloha to the F-15 Eagles

To witness a moment in history is why I found myself staring at the sky near the end of a runway at Hickam Air Force Base. A group of social media, traditional media, and crew members from PACAF and the Hawaii Air National Guard were all gathered to say one final aloha and mahalo to […]

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F-15 Takeoff Recording FAIL!

I knew the F-15 Eagles would be moving fast during takeoff, but they were WAY fast. Check out my movie fail while recording the takeoff. Yes, it’s blurry, and I couldn’t even pan the camera fast enough to keep up with the jet. FAIL!!

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The Human Side of Fighter Pilots

Fighter jet pilots? I only know of them from the movies. Maverick, Ice Man, Goose, Jester, Merlin, Viper – the all stars from Top Gun is my sole exposure to the world of fighter jet pilots, but thanks to Pacific Air Forces and the Hawaii Air National Guard, I got to meet real-life fighter pilots […]

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C-17 Globemaster Airdrop: Precision, Discipline, and Safety

On the heels of touring the USNS Mercy,  attending the opening of the RIMPAC 2010 exercise then enraptured by the arrival of Hawaii’s first F-22 Raptors, I had the fortune of flying on a C-17 Globemaster as it performed a simulated airdrop over the Big Island. During these events, my style is to observe and […]

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