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A Chaotic Feeling at the New Nordstrom

I can’t quite place my finger on it, but personally, I felt a sense of chaos while touring the new Nordstrom in the Ewa Wing of Ala Moana. It was just weird and different from the vibe of the original Nordstrom. While the store is nice and new, the layout just felt chaotic for me. […]

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Disappointed with the New Nordstrom eBar

Oh eBar, you were my coffee oasis when queues were long at Starbucks. With two locations, a caffeinated drink was readily available after a short walk. But with your new single location in the Ewa Wing, I am saddened. Sure, the new eBar location looks great. The interior is bright and modern and the outside […]

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Barnes and Noble Over Christmas

Forgot to post these pictures from Barnes and Noble that I took over the Chirstmas holidays. I had forgotten what it felt like to walk around a bookstore. I gotta admit that even with the resources of the Internet, this magazine has an excellent collection of all things WordPress. Coloring books for adults is trendy […]

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To be unveiled later today...

Minamoto Kitchoan Fukubukuro

Fighting the Fukubukuro crowds at Minamoto Kitchoan at Ala Moana leads to getting one of these bags. Priced at $50 but contains $100 worth of goodies. To be unveiled later today… Oh and don’t try Sephora, their Fukubukuro packs were wiped out in 15 minutes.

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Fukubukuro at Ala Moana

Fukubukuro at Ala Moana

…is packed! I guess partying until the new year doesn’t stop avid shoppers looking for a bargain. An anonymous pulpy texter sent me this image of the Fukubukuro crowds at Ala Moana. Not sure what store they’re waiting for, Lupicia for tea deals? Here’s a partial pic of the Fukubukuro participating stores. Shoe Palace is […]

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Kicks at Bloomingdales

So the froyo at Bloomingdales was good with some service issues, but what about the kicks collection at Bloomies? Not bad, not bad at all. Besides the usual array of cross trainers, there were some interesting pieces to admire. The pinnacle had to be the classic Air Max 95 in neon. I didn’t check, but […]

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Froyo from Forty Carrots

Went to Forty Carrots in Bloomingdales to try out their frozen yogurt. The froyo was good, especially the strawberry, but there’s a few kinks in service that need to be worked out. We wanted to split a large size between kids which was said not to be a problem by the cashier. They’d even split […]

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Starbucks Ala Moana Now Tolerable with Mobile Order

Wow, what a profound effect the new Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay has, especially while cruising at Ala Moana. Gone are the days of waiting in the long lines at Starbucks. Right after finding parking, you can mobile order and pay for your drink and pick it up, bypassing those infuriating lines. It’s so simple! […]

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