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Smeg Dolce & Gabbana Toaster

While walking around Williams Sonama, I came across this Smeg toaster featuring visual designs by Dolce & Gabbana. Truly an eye catcher from the Sicily Is My Love collection, but then I saw the price tag of $650. $650 for a two-slice toaster! Okay, okay, the slots are extra-wide, and at 12″x7″x7″, this appliance is […]

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Even Behemoths Need Clean Air

Even Behemoths Need Clean Air

If like me, your behemoth of a refrigerator, the LG LFX31925ST/Sears Kenmore Elite Model 72053, has had its air filter warning light on for some time. Initially, I couldn’t find a replacement filter at either Sears or Home Depot, but now they’re readily available. The LG air filter part number is ADQ73334008, model number LT120F. […]

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LG WM3470

Good Deal on an LG Washer

If you’re looking for a good deal on a washing machine, act fast and check out Pacific Sales in Best Buy in town. While we were there, there was a returned washer. It’s an LG WM3470HVA, the graphite steel color. The sales rep wasn’t sure why it was returned to the store, but it wasn’t […]

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Shopping for a Washing Machine Again

And here we go again. Almost four years ago to the day, we purchased a washing machine, the LG WM2487HWMA front loader. Sadly, this washer won’t make it much longer. It’s progressively been making louder and louder noises while in operation so we had a tech inspect it. The Direct Drive motor is fine, and […]

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Slate, the New Look for Kitchen Appliances?

Is the time of stainless steel appliances in the kitchen coming to an end? GE thinks so and is leading the next evolution of kitchen appliance appearances with Slate. Appearance-wise, Slate looks like stainless steel from the web site, but you’d have to see it in person to view the hues and sheen of the […]

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Kenmore Elite 72053 Refrigerator

The Kenmore Elite 72053 Refrigerator Is Magnetic!

Here I thought the stainless steel Kenmore Elite Model 72053 (31-cu ft) refrigerator did not have a magnetic surface. I am wrong, or partially wrong at least. Out of pure randomness, we passed a magnet near the behemoth’s surface, and it stuck! But it’s only in the upper left corner where the ice maker is. […]

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The Behemoth Caged

Lookee, lookee, the behemoth of a refrigerator aka the LG LFX31925ST/Sears Kenmore Elite Model 72053 has been caged. So despite its extra large internal capacity, the external dimensions really do fit the space of a standard refrigerator.

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Kenmore Water Dispenser

The Behemoth from LG Is Now at Sears

LG’s 31-cu ft behemoth of a refrigerator is no longer a Home Depot exclusive. It’s available at Sears under the Kenmore Elite line (model 72053), and this week’s Best Buy ad shows the LG version on sale (model LFX31925ST). While most of these models are the same, there are subtle differences, like the fruit and […]

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Looking at Refrigerators

So many refrigerators out there to look at. We’re going big and French. At least 28 cu ft with French doors. Seems like Samsung and LG own the top spots for French-door refrigerators according to my ghetto scouting at Costco. Today’s Best Buy ad featured an interesting Samsung with a LCD display capable of running […]

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