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Costco Online Isn’t

Bro, what’s up with Big box retailer’s online presence is anything but online. You can view products but try adding anything to your cart. Nothing happens, except for error messages. After each error, you need to reload the page, possibly losing that next step in the checkout process. I guess Black Friday shopping has […]

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Next Week Is Black Friday?!?

I can’t believe next week is Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Oddly, I don’t have that sense of anticipation of all those deals and steals. In the past, I’d be scouring for any intel for insane deals but now, not so much. I guess the shopping scene has transformed over the years where online shopping is […]

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A Fun Black Friday

Albeit I didn’t do a whole lot of shopping on Black Friday 2016, but I did brave Ala Moana for a few hours. This was in the late afternoon when I figured the crowds would have dissapated and even the heartiest of shoppers would have hit the wall. I was sorta right. Parking was available […]

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I Must Be Slipping

I pretty much don’t have pictures from Black Friday at Ala Moana. Maybe it’s because I didn’t have any caffeine coursing through my veins not wanting to wait in this ridiculously long line at Starbucks Macy’s.

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Brown Wednesday Before Black Friday?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are well established in our shopping lexicon but what about shopping for the deals before then? What are those days called? Brown Wednesday? Grey Tuesday? Anyways CVS née Longs Drugs has started their specials, and I had to partake since I was tipped off. These Tiger Sahara Cool stainless steel […]

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BFpulp: Crazy Shirts

BFpulp: Crazy Shirts

Black Friday is around the corner, and if you’re going to do some shopping (virtually or in real life), it’s time to start planning. Crazy Shirts is offering 50% off of select items along with free shipping on orders over $75. Black Friday Event! 50% Off Hoodies, Jackets & More! Free Shipping on Orders $75 […]

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Do You See Rihanna Staring at You Unapologetic?

That’s because her new album released today and is an Amazon Black Friday special before Black Friday. You can pickup (okay, download) Unapologetic for $5.99 for a limited time. The single, Diamonds, is already a hit, so that $5.99 price tag is looking like an even better deal.

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Good Bye Halloween, Hello Black Friday!

Halloween marked the end of October and November brings Thanksgiving Black Friday. Who are we kidding here? Thanksgiving is still the day for giving thanks but really, the emphasis is on the day after aka Black Friday. Check it out, Amazon has already opened up its Black Friday store with daily specials! Don’t bother looking […]

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Is It That Bad?

Wow, is the movie Jennifer’s Body starring Megan Fox that bad? Right now, the DVD version is a Lightning Deal on Amazon, going for 90% off! So you end up paying $1.99, and still the deal isn’t sold out yet. Must be real bad.

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