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Not sure why but Pulpconnection has been extremely slow recently. Parts of it work fine but other parts just fail to load. Gotta tinker around to see what’s going on. Unloading and uninstalling stuff to make things simpler then we’ll see how it goes.

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Expanding Outbrain’s Reach

Keep an eye out for babes on Pulpconnection. After reading this article about “Around the Web” recommendations and the mention of, I got curious. I use Outbrain’s recommendations on Pulpconnection but had its scope limited to content only on my blog. For the time being, I expanded Outbrain’s recommendations to include other sites just to […]

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Where Has the Passion Gone?

New year or fatigue carried over from 2013? I’m not sure, but it surely seems the passion is gone. Things in the office feel stale. Went to a meeting where attendance was low and the energy wasn’t there. And most telling, the Home Depot employee who cheerfully helped a few years back during remodeling seemed […]

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Daddy Blogging Done Right

Mommy bloggers get the attention and fame they deserve while daddy blogging isn’t so popular…unless it’s done right. Check out the Military Dad blog for an example of daddy blogging done right. Follow along this week as Military Dad learns lessons about being a stay-at-home dad.

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Themify Notes

Notes after working with Themify themes. Create page to contain one or more sections. Can apply a background image to a section (not a page). Have the page blank and hide the title text, include the section with background image to make full width background image (oh and be out of editing mode).

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Checking Out Themify

With an on-going Cult of Mac deal for two Themify WordPress themes for the mere price of $19, I had to check it out. Normally priced at $60, this deal for two themes is hard to pass up at under 20 bucks. And Themify has some impressive looking themes. I’ve never used their themes before […]

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Deactivating JetPack Photon

Disabling the WordPress JetPack Photon function temporarily. With the latest JetPack release, Photon is messing up resized images, or rather is not adhering to image sizes. In preview mode, the images look fine, but when published, the images display in their native size. Disabling the JetPack plugin resolved this issue, so that helped isolate the […]

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DreamPress, Should I?

Dreamhost just announced their new high-revving WordPress hosting service called DreamPress. Sounds like a “dream” come true if you’ve been maintaining your own WordPress install and balancing its resources and performance against cost. DreamPress seems to hit the right price point but initially, the cost is per site. I wish it were for several sites, […]

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The Future of Blogging Is a Ghost?

Okay, not a ghost, but Ghost, the Kickstarter project for a new blogging platform. Check out the explanatory video. This project has already surpassed its initial goal and is now 31% of its way to reaching its lofty stretch goals. So if you’re a blogger, understand the shortfalls of blogging tools, and see how Ghost […]

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