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I Almost Missed Christmas

It’s a good thing I didn’t solely rely on the  LEGO 2016 calendar. Otherwise I could have missed Christmas this year. Check out the month of December 2016. According to this calendar, Christmas is on a Friday with December 1 falling on a Tuesday. Really though, December 1, 2016 was on a Thursday, and Christmas […]

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Snap! Santa Came Early

Wow, Jolly Old Saint Nick came early this year! On my chair was these. I must have been a good boy this year. Check out these Adidas Christmas lights!!! Thanks much to the guwapo Saint Nick.

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An Explosion of Impulsiveness

What happens when (select) local Longs Drugs stores have a 90% clearance on Christmas ornaments and decorations? You get an explosion of impulsiveness that looks like this. Of course you need Christmas-themed Mickey and Minnie Mouse in large and medium sizes. And you need even more medium size mouses. But it’s not only Disney items […]

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That's a Lot of Unclaimed Wishes

That’s a Lot of Unclaimed Wishes

You may have to wait until Christmas 2016, but there are a lot of unclaimed wishes on discount at Macy’s right now. Buy a few, write letters to Santa, and wait until December 25, 2016 for Saint Nick to deliver. At worst, your wishes will be in the form of toys, but that could be […]

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The Best Christmas…Rejection

Although the Hawaii-Wichita St. matchup was my overall favorite game, the best individual highlight came from the Hawaii-Colorado game on Christmas day of the Diamond Head Classic. Colorado’s guard, Askia Booker, was cleared for a break away layup before UH’s 6-2 senior guard, Garrett Nevels, met him at the rim for the rejection. Although I […]

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It’s Starting to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Is it the early evening darkness, the cool nights, or ornaments for sale? Whatever it is, it’s starting to look a lot like Christmas, especially with all these “gifts” that have arrived recently. Remember my order mixup with Strong Like Bull magnets? With great customer service, the problem has been resolved and my bonus order […]

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Japanese Spitz

Japanese Spitz Christmas Ornament

Are you looking for Christmas ornaments designed with the Japanese Spitz dog breed in mind? Well, this isn’t the post for you! I’m just checking out how fast Google can index a post on an obscure topic. Or is Christmas ornaments featuring a specific dog breed? For all I know Japanese Spitz ornaments might be […]

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Merry Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas to all the pulpy readers out there enjoying the holiday season. As Pulpconnection tradition, I’d be remiss if I didn’t show my favorite Christmas gift prank video of all time! This is a classic that’s approaching 15,000 views. Reminisce with me, and you’ll agree that was one cruel prank! While that video is […]

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Waimanalo Christmas Parade 2012

Waimanalo has its own unique community no more evident than in its annual Christmas Parade. It was my first time attending this parade (I didn’t know it existed before this), and I got to see a good, old parade reminiscent of small kid time. Luckily, our family was guests on the float sponsored by Waimanalo […]

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