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The Latest PRISM Discovery??

Is this the latest tidbit of information unearthed by the PRISM program? Is this one of the secrets Eric Snowden stumbled across and knew it had to be made public? Of course, we’re talking about the existence of the uber secret 2014 calendar for Club 939. Are these discoveries truth or fiction? Only one way […]

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Hangova in Hawaii

Check out who’s been hanging in Hawaii recently! Could that be Justin Chon, aka Eric from the Twilight movie series? Could that be Jennifer Fairbank, former Miss Hawaii USA 2005? Could this be filmed at Club 939?

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Holiday Gift Guide: Club 939 for 2011

It’s been an annual tradition that ain’t stopping for twenty eleven! Yes, the yearly collection of ogling for the guys is almost here. In fact, this Wednesday, the Club 939 calendar for 2011 cometh (with autograph signing at the Club). And the Club has a Facebook fan page!?! Don’t forget the PulpyLeaks previews.

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Club 939 Is the Culprit…

So that explains the demographic of Pulpconnection viewership. Mr. 939 said he favorited his favorite pulp site on computers at Club 939, so of course, the demographic is accurate: females who are in the age range 18-24, are graduate school educated and browse this site from work Makes perfect sense! 😉 Now only if […]

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Madonna or Lady Gaga: Who Do the Gentlemen Prefer? Round 1

Remember back to Pulpconnection’s un-serious marketing comparison of Shaq vs Kobe? It’s time for another series. This time it’s Madonna versus Lady Gaga! To lead off this debate, Pulpconnection wonders who do the gentlemen prefer? The obvious scientific method is to seek out the advice of Hawaii’s premier gentlemen’s club, Club 939. What say ye, […]

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Club 939 Calendar and Shirt 2010

New Year, Need a New Calendar?

2010 is officially here, and to celebrate the new year, you need a new calendar. The calendar, of course, comes from Hawaii’s premier gentlemen’s club, Club 939. And the club has a new shirt design for this year. Here are teasers of the calendar and shirt. Calendars are available at 939 Keeaumoku Street for only […]

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Club 939 Food Drive

Club 939 and the Institute for Human Services (IHS) are partnering up this Thanksgiving for a food drive to feed those in need. From November 23-25, bring two non-perishable food items to the club and get in for free.

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