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Coffee Day 12

A hot day in Kyoto warranted two drinks in order to keep cool. After walking from the Saga Arashiyama station to the Togetsukyo Bridge, I got an European black coffee via the Georgia brand. Nothing special, but because the day was just beginning, I didn’t want anything with cream that might spoil in the heat […]

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Coffee Day 11

Seems like my coffee picks are suiting my tastes more and more. Today’s pick is Suntory Premium Boss “The Mild.” And yes, I guess I like my coffee mild since I like this drink. It’s not too sweet, mildly bitter, but more importantly, it tastes like coffee. I easily finished this drink in no time. […]

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Coffee Day 10

Today brings Tully’s Coffee Barista’s Latte. For whatever reason, I was thinking of a Starbucks drink full of sugar and cream. Not the case at all. This is espresso and some kind of creamer. Smoother than a straight up black coffee and with a muted bitterness. I just need to adjust my expectation for this […]

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Coffee Day 9

Today featured a double hit. Sure, I was fatigued by the constant on-the-go. But really, the opportunity and experience of trying a new drink couldn’t go unpassed. The first drink was more for thirst purposes, but I think I found my favorite canned drink in this maroon can. The Georgia European is slightly sweetened and […]

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Coffee Day 8

I guess I forgot to take a picture of my canned coffee drink of the day, so I snapped a pick of Beans & Roasters Cold Brew in the store. Despite the cool looking and colorful design of the outside of the can, I didn’t like what was inside. The drink didn’t taste that different […]

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Coffee Day 7

Tully’s Coffee Barista’s Black to start the day (even though this picture was taken at night). Nothing fancy, just straight up black coffee for a good morning jolt.

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Coffee Day 6

Coffee Day 6

With convenience stores and vending machines blanketing the Tokyo urbanscape, it’s hard not to be within reach of a caffeine hit. So while touring the streets of Shinjuku, a visit to Lawons yielded this. I don’t know how true it is, but I think there was a “New” sign next to this drink.Maybe not as […]

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Coffee Day 5

Despite seeing the different brands of coffee drinks available in convenience stores and vending machines, I had to try this Starbucks ready-to-drink beverage. The Caramel Macchiatto with Coconut holds true to its name with strong coconut tones sweetened by caramel.  The drink comes with a small extendable straw that’s important. Don’t try drinking this without […]

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Coffee Day 4

Grabbed the most “safe” drink that I saw at the convenince store. I recognized the Boss brand, could see the actual liquid, and wanted a larger size, so this Craft Boss coffee was my pick. Don’t believe I finished it in one sitting. It did help me make it through the day after waking up […]

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Coffee Day 3

Bought from a vending machine in the Nakamise shopping arcade is this Georgia European canned drink. Very much welcomed trying to get accustomed to the time difference – in the afternoon in Japan but at night Hawaii time. Nothing great, but it did caffeinate my system. Side note: there are no Day 1 or 2 […]

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Where’s the Caffeine, Costco?!?

Is this an epidemic or just bad timing? I’ve been to two different Costco locations in the past two weeks, and on both occasions, I haven’t been able to find their signature Seattle Mountain Coffee in anything other than decaf. What’s up with that? There are other caffeinated coffee brands available like Starbucks, Kauai Coffee, […]

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