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Barnes and Noble Over Christmas

Forgot to post these pictures from Barnes and Noble that I took over the Chirstmas holidays. I had forgotten what it felt like to walk around a bookstore. I gotta admit that even with the resources of the Internet, this magazine has an excellent collection of all things WordPress. Coloring books for adults is trendy […]

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Must Buy Archie vs Predator

Let the title of that crossover comic settle in for a moment, Archie vs Predator. Yes, that Archie. The red head with pals Jughead, Reggie, Betty, and Veronica. And yes, that predator. The cloaked alien that hunts in the heat of summer and rips out spines of its prey. Yeah… How do these comic cultures […]

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LeBron James the Comic Book

LeBron James is making a fictitious crossover to the comic book world with this special edition LeBron King of the Rings. Available in the October 19 edition of ESPN the Magazine, LeBron has won multiple NBA championships thanks to continued improvements and training. He works on his free throws, picks up zen pick-and-roll tactics from […]

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Kickstarting nemu*nemu

I just contributed to the next volume of locally created comic, nemu*nemu. Watch the video for details or go here. How about you? Show your support for local business, artistry, and talent!

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Just admit it. When the earthquake hit, how many of us jumped on our cell phones to essentially do a “Wassup!” with others. Sure, sure, we all needed to check in with family and friends in the beginning, but as the day went on, I think there was more Wassup action going on. In honor […]

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