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All In with the Seaweed Crunch

Who else out there is all in with the Seaweed Crunch snack available at Hawaii Costco locations? Who knew almonds and nori pairs nicely? And 36 pieces in one serving size! That’ll definitely fill you up. Since you never know if Costco will continue to carry this (or any) product, you might as well stock […]

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Where’s the Caffeine, Costco?!?

Is this an epidemic or just bad timing? I’ve been to two different Costco locations in the past two weeks, and on both occasions, I haven’t been able to find their signature Seattle Mountain Coffee in anything other than decaf. What’s up with that? There are other caffeinated coffee brands available like Starbucks, Kauai Coffee, […]

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Black Hills or Mount Rushmore

Hmmm, so I’m guessing to make more sales, the same puzzle is sold as two different products? Check out the Black Hills and Mount Rushmore puzzles sold at Costco – kinda look like the same puzzles, no? Admitting my ignorance, I didn’t know Mount Rushmore was in the Black Hills area of South Dakota, so I […]

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Pumpkin Pie at Costco

Typically, we don’t get our Thanksgiving pumpkin pie from Costco, but it’s reassuring to know they are readily available during the season. I mean just look at this. Fresh produce and pumpkin pies! No worry, although the pies go fast, there’s more coming from the bakery.

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Costco Hawaii Kai Get Mad Kicks

Well, the workers there anyways. But yes, if you’re ever at the Costco location in Hawaii Kai, check out the kicks of the workers, especially those working at checkout. For the most part, the workers, both men and women, are wearing nice shoes. On a recent outing, I saw these Adidas Ultra Boosts and NMDs. […]

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Costco Calories

Never really noticed this in the past, but have ever tried to eat healthy at the Costco food court? While you can’t beat the cost of the hot dog/soda combo, it can’t be that good for your body. Pizza, sandwiches, sundaes – all no so healthy.  Of course, the Caesar salad is the answer. Nothing […]

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And Then There’s Costco

Here I was looking for best prices of the Motorola SB6183 cable modem, but in the end, there was Costco. Strolling down the electronics section, lo and behold, there was the SB6183 at the same price as Amazon. 200 Mb/s here I come!

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Pull-a-Part Twice a Year?

I can’t confirm this, but according to a Costco employee, they only make these Cinnamon Pull-a-Parts twice a year. Now and some other time she couldn’t remember. So I would be a little skeptical about this twice-a-year availability. But what you do have to know is that these are yummy. Soft and not too sweet […]

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