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Does the Heat Kill the Heat?

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the thought of Vanilla Ice starring in a 1990’s cop show called Vanilla Heat. Can you picture it, or is this awesomeness just too huge to comprehend? Or does Vanilla Heat sound like a bad porno starring Robert Van Winkle? Either way, blame The Impulsive Buy for […]

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International Delight Might Have a Winner…

Historically, I’ve been disappointed with the variety of great sounding creamer flavors from International Delight. The bottle designs and images look great, the flavors sound tasty, but the actual flavors aren’t actually there.  Never learning and doomed to repeat my mistakes, I tried another new flavor, the York Peppermint Pattie. Yes, this is based off […]

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More Creamer Crowds

Wow, I thought the coffee creamer market was already crowded, but it got even more crowdeder. Beyond its recent Cafe Collection line, Coffee-mate also has it all-natural creamer, Natural Bliss, featuring real milk and cream. Three flavors are available – vanilla, caramel, and sorry, forgot the third. With all its naturalness, I hope Natural Bliss […]

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Crowded Cream Market

Been to the grocery store lately? There’s a new coffee creamer trying to break into the crowded market dominated by Coffee-mate and International Delight. Look for Baileys Coffee Creamers (yes, that Baileys) and see if this new creamer can make it. I tried the Original Irish Cream and thought it was okay. Baileys has a […]

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I Can Has the Honeys!

Look what our local Safeway had in stock, Coffee-mate’s new Honey Vanilla Creme! I’ve been looking for this for awhile, even during my search for epic. Note to Coffee-mate, you can update your Where to Buy tool and show this product’s hit Hawaii. 🙂

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