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Five Offbeat Tips for Cruising with Disney

With its legions of dedicated fans, pretty much everything about the Disney Cruise Line has been documented and discussed. But I’m adding five tips off the well-known path while cruising with Disney. Before digging into all the great food, just don’t eat the food in front. Don’t match everyone else’s Disney looks, be original and […]

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DCL Tip: Pack Your Bags

Excited about your upcoming vacation with the Disney Cruise Line? What will you pack? What will the weather be like? Will it be hot, will it be cold? Will you encounter 50-degree temperature swings? With so much to consider While packing your bags, here’s my packing tip – pack a few more bags in your […]

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Magnetic Disney stateroom doors

DCL Tip: Strong Magnets

If you’ve looked at Disney discussion boards like to prepare for a Disney cruise, you might have seen forum posts about decorating the magnetic stateroom doors. While I can vouch that it is possible, my tip is to use strong magnets, really strong magnets. The stateroom doors on the Disney Wonder are thick and […]

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Reviewed AAA Sportfishing Company

To help plan for trips and vacations, I’ve been using TripAdvisor more and more. This service provides great user-contributed reviews and suggests local activities. After a great experience fishing with Captain Jerry of AAA Sportfishing Co in Ketchikan, Alaska, I had to provide a review. Here’s my very first TripAdvisor review – “Changed my view […]

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DCL Tip: Non-Tear Free Shampoo

After playing in the busy swimming pool onboard the Disney Wonder, parents may want to give their kids a good cleaning. So back in your stateroom, you’ll use extra everything – extra soap, extra shampoo, and extra conditioner. Then you’ll hear your kids scream out, “My eyes! My eyes!” Ooops, sorry. The provided H20-branded shampoo […]

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Cove Cafe that connects to Cove Outlook

Coffee While Cruising (Part 3)

Setting the stage for Part 3 of Coffee While Cruising is easy – chilly Alaskan weather, event-filled days, and the lax diet of vacation. Perfect conditions for an absolute coffee fest! On the Disney Wonder Did I mention that brewed coffee onboard the Disney Wonder is free and always available. Let’s repeat that, free and […]

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Crazy Shirts Disney Collection

DCL Tip: Disney Crazy Shirts

Of course while on a Disney Cruise Line tour, you expect to see Disney garbed passengers. After a short while, you see the same shirts and designs again and again and again. How do you show off your Disney fandom but also be just a little bit different? Wear Disney themed shirts from Crazy Shirts. […]

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DCL Tip: Don’t Eat the Food in Front

This tip probably applies beyond the Disney Cruise Lines, but it’s worth saying. When eating in a buffet setup like at the Beach Blanket Buffet onboard the Disney Wonder, don’t take or eat the food that’s on the front edge of the serving trays. I personally witnessed one too many kids poking, prodding, taking, and […]

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Clover location on Robson St., Vancouver

Coffee While Cruising (Part 2)

The first installment of Coffee While Cruising covered the early FAT leg of my vacation. Like I mentioned before, from FAT we headed to YVR in Vancouver, Canada. Before the trip, I learned of a Starbucks Clover location on Robson Street. Oh, and I managed to get a Groupon for Starbucks Canada. Bonus! What did […]

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Inside Cove Cafe

Coffee While Cruising (Part 1)

While going on vacation typically means new experiences, it doesn’t necessarily mean old habits are forgotten, such as getting a healthy intake of coffee. The only real way to start time off is with good coffee and good kicks. That means a cup of Kati Kati Blend from Starbucks while wearing (gasp!) New Balance MO673. […]

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A Successful Alaskan Scavenger Hunt

A Successful Alaskan Scavenger Hunt

Bravo to @abaggy for successfully completing his scavenger hunt while cruising Alaska! I posed nine challenges and two bonuses, and here are his results. Dessert. @abaggy excelled in this category! Love this one. A scenic view. This was a gimme on a cruise through Alaska. This pic is cool. Shipboard entertainment. Only diehards sit poolside […]

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Alaskan Scavenger Hunt

We posed the challenge once before, and it’s again time to set @abaggy off on a pictorial scavenger hunt. Can he find and snap pictures from the following list: Alaskan Scavenger Hunt Dessert A scenic view Shipboard entertainment A towel sculpture Two different ethnicities of food A workout room “Wildlife” (could be interpreted many ways) […]

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