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Croissant Donut from Safeway

Dou’ssants Are Now Croissant Donuts

Fluffy like a croissant. Sweet like a donut. That’s all you gotta know as Safeway’s version of the cronut has changed names yet again. When the cronut apex was upon us, Safeway advertised Donut Croissants. Then came the more sophisticated French name of the Dou’ssant. Darn delicious I say. Now Safeway has dropped the pretense […]

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A Voodoo Doughnut Surprise

What a surprise! I saw this box and knew something special was in store because you know that good things come in pink boxes. This a box of goodies from Voodoo Doughnuts homed in Portland, Oregon and recently handcarried and flown to Hawaii. I had heard about this place and its crazy creations, but this […]

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Dou’ssants Are Pretty Darn Delicious

Let’s start with some basic admissions. I’ll probably never try an authentic cronut from Chef Dominique Ansel. There’s an unspoken hierarchy of bakeries and the sophistication level of their pastries. Safeway (and Vons) is not in the upper tier of this bakery hierarchy. With that out of the way, what would you expect when you […]

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Found the Dou’ssants

A serendipitous visit to the Safeway in Manoa yielded the last box of donut croissants in the store. But not only are these donut croissants, you call them dou’ssants and make sure you really play up your French accent when talking about this fluffy goodness. I couldn’t find them in Kailua, and I’m not sure […]

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Donut Croissants at Safeway

Truly reaching the mainstream, cronut-inspired donut croissants are advertised at Safeway bakeries. I went looking for these mass made donut croissants but couldn’t yet find them at my neighborhood Safeway.

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From Cronuts to Frissants to Croissadas

The foodie fad that is the cronut has made its impact across the globe. The cronut craze started in New York then Canada’s take on the croissant/donut is the frissant, mixing a fritter and a croissant. Locally in Hawaii, the cronut now takes shape as the croissada. Yes, that’s a croissant and a malasada. Available […]

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