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Stadium Mall to Nuuanu Via the H3

So to see how traffic was, I mapped out Stadium Mall to Nuuanu on Google Maps. Amazingly, Google told me to take the H3 over the Koolaus then go townbound on the Pali. 30 minutes said Google. I was thinking of taking Moanalua Highway towards Tripler, but Google said that route would take 15 minutes […]

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Toilet paper on the H1

Who TP-ed the H1?

Who lost rolls of toilet paper this morning on the H1 freeway? Rolls were streaming paper along the lanes going west bound. One cop was on scene, but there wasn’t much he could do by himself. Sorry, no good pics. On a side note, of the four days driving to work this week, three of […]

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Is It Legal to Wear Headphones While Driving in Hawaii?

While stuck in Hawaii traffic, you’ve seen them – drivers wearing headphones in their cars.  I never quite understood why. Is their car stereo busted? Is the music quality of the headphones that much better? Is it even legal to wear headphones while driving in Hawaii? Looks like the answer is yes, it is legal. […]

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