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Amazon Echo Wall Clock, I Want One

So Amazon announced a bevy of upcoming products featuring Alexa. While many of these make a compelling case for any household, I won’t lie by saying that I really want the Echo Wall Clock. Yup, it is what it sounds like. It’s an old school analog wall clock with the big hand and little hand […]

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Amazon Alexa Devices – Echo, Echo Dot, and Tap

Joining the Amazon Echo device is the new Amazon Tap and Echo Dot. All of these are powered by Alexa and have me interested. The original Echo does it all from a fixed location. The Tap is like a mobile Echo since it’s battery powered but you do need to touch/tap it before it pays […]

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Did Amazon Just Reboot the iPod?

Don’t look now, but did Amazon reboot the venerable iPod with the introduction of the Echo? We all know the iconic iPod isn’t the draw it once was and is in need of a remake. I’ve mentioned before how the iPod could be re-imagined to a multi-purpose home device. A WiFi basestation/extender, a multi-device charger, […]

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