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Kozo Is Not Genki

For the sushi uninitiated, Kozo is not Genki and hence doesn’t have the issue with Hepatitis A-tainted bay scallops. For good measure, Kozo tells you so.  

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Costco Calories

Never really noticed this in the past, but have ever tried to eat healthy at the Costco food court? While you can’t beat the cost of the hot dog/soda combo, it can’t be that good for your body. Pizza, sandwiches, sundaes – all no so healthy.  Of course, the Caesar salad is the answer. Nothing […]

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Black Sugar Manapua from Libby

Never Seen a Black Sugar Manapua?!?

This took me completely by surprise. Today, as I was walking around the office while eating a black sugar manapua, I had two coworkers stop me and ask what that was. They only knew of the regular pork-filled manapua aka char siu bao and had never seen the black sugar variety. What’s so surprising is […]

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Next Stop…

Sorry Zippys, but in Washington DC, my next stop is Shake Shack. Tried their burgers, fries, a shake, a concrete, and a cold brew…oh and picked up a shirt too. Not bad, not bad at all. Crowded but the turnover was brisk. The bacon cheeseburger was a little gooey for me. I wasn’t a fan […]

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“Impietence” Defined

By now, you know of the goodness from the Hawaiian Pie Company. Fresh or frozen, their creations do not disappoint. But… If you get a frozen pie, you have to keep in mind the preparation time. That is, the oven preheat to 400 degrees. Then the actual baking for one hour (or more) until golden […]

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What Is a $14 Peach?

So what does a peach costing $14 from Minamoto Kitchoan taste like? Freelance blogging contributor, Kimi, shares her thoughts about the Momosayaka and the Tousenka. First off, this peach is not a fresh piece of fruit from the grocery, but rather a peach preserved in jelly. The Momosayaka is half a peach, costing $14. If […]

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The Next Chapter of CPK

While the holiday season is a time filled with fun and joy, it can also get hectic and overwhelmingly busy. Now that Christmas is over, there are no more parties to attend and no more fancy meals to prepare… for a few days at least. During this downtime, might I suggest dining at a nearby […]

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Froyo from Forty Carrots

Went to Forty Carrots in Bloomingdales to try out their frozen yogurt. The froyo was good, especially the strawberry, but there’s a few kinks in service that need to be worked out. We wanted to split a large size between kids which was said not to be a problem by the cashier. They’d even split […]

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Maui Mike’s Fire Roasted Chicken Coming to Kailua

There was Great Harvest then Z’s Bakery. Soon enough this spot in the Enchanted Lakes Shopping Center will be home to Maui Mike’s Fire-Roasted Chicken. The transformation from bakery to chicken fire roaster looks almost done, so I’m guessing they’ll be open by December? The Yelp reviews are excellent. Can’t wait to try me some […]

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Sikdorak II to Take On Kaneohe

Now this is a business challenge with Sikorak opening its second location in Kaneohe. I’m guessing Sikdorak II mimics the all-you-can-eat-Korean-food-for-$20 as the original Sikdorak. But there is a twist with a maximum 90-minute stay. That 90-minute restriction will make or break Sikdorak II I’m thinking. People in Kaneohe love bargains (just how many discount […]

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