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Seasonal Sightings

Seasonal Sightings

Have you seen these seasonal sightings?  Chocodile Twinkies.    Spooky red “Muskefears.”    Candy Corn Cupcakes.    Pumpkin Spice and Peppermint Mocha iced drinks.    Star Wars-themed Coffeemate cream.  

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Missed Out on Jipangyi

While stuck in South Korea for a day due to plane problems, I saw this at the Grand Hyatt pool side snack bar and didn’t know what it was. What was this candy cane shaped item? Turns out, this “candy cane” is actually upside down and is supposed to be oriented like the letter “j.” […]

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The Life of #BluePineapple Pie

On #PiDay2015, here’s the life of a #BluePineapple pie from the Hawaiian Pie Company told in little over 3.14 seconds. Want the extended version of this life story? Here you go… The Blue Pineapple is the March flavor of the month so be sure to get yours before the end of March.

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MyFab5 Hawaii’s 25 Most Instagrammed Restaurants of 2014

MyFab5 collated Instagram pics and put together this list of Hawaii’s 25 most Instagrammed restaurants of 2014. Some of these make sense and some are surprising (to me) like Duke’s Waikiki for coming in at number 1. I guess lots of tourists making their mainland friends jealous? Breakfast is a popular Instagramming time with about […]

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Seize the Weekend

How was your long weekend? Was it eventful with Valentine’s Day, strong gusty weather, Chinese New Year celebrations, the SNL 40th anniversary, oh, and the NBA All Star weekend? I hope you managed to get out there and seize the days of the extended weekend. Valentine’s Day started off ugly as wind and rained marred […]

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I’ve Eaten at a Conditional Pass Yellow Food Establishment

And I’m okay. All around Hawaii, the Department of Health placards on are display at restaurants, and I actually found a location with a conditional pass aka “the yellow card.” The areas of improvement dealt with food temperatures and cross contamination of food (not sure what that means). But I’m here to say that after […]

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Checked Out the New “Old” Liliha Bakery

Over the fall break, we were in the Nimitz area and decided to check out the new-ish location of Liliha Bakery. This new spot is a welcomed addition to alleviate the strain on the historic original, but this location was equally as crowded. I can’t say parking is any better or worse. There’s a limited […]

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Pull-a-Part Twice a Year?

I can’t confirm this, but according to a Costco employee, they only make these Cinnamon Pull-a-Parts twice a year. Now and some other time she couldn’t remember. So I would be a little skeptical about this twice-a-year availability. But what you do have to know is that these are yummy. Soft and not too sweet […]

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No “Breastaurant” Planned for Hawaii

Nope, Twin Peaks is not looking to open a location in Hawaii. Although it’s the fastest growing restaurant chain in America, the breastaurant restaurant’s mountain lodge motif simply won’t work here, right? I mean who in Hawaii really gets the mountain lodge vibe and needs the “attentive service sector?” Can’t you get a Dirty Blonde […]

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IHOP Closed

Truthfully, I didn’t see this one happening but draw the curtains on IHOP at Windward Mall since they’re now closed. Okay, IHOP isn’t known for fine dining, but they are a well known breakfast chain and being the only place open in Windward Mall in the mornings, I thought that would be all the advantage […]

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Croissant Donut from Safeway

Dou’ssants Are Now Croissant Donuts

Fluffy like a croissant. Sweet like a donut. That’s all you gotta know as Safeway’s version of the cronut has changed names yet again. When the cronut apex was upon us, Safeway advertised Donut Croissants. Then came the more sophisticated French name of the Dou’ssant. Darn delicious I say. Now Safeway has dropped the pretense […]

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