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Seize the Weekend

How was your long weekend? Was it eventful with Valentine’s Day, strong gusty weather, Chinese New Year celebrations, the SNL 40th anniversary, oh, and the NBA All Star weekend? I hope you managed to get out there and seize the days of the extended weekend. Valentine’s Day started off ugly as wind and rained marred […]

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Arashi Blast: American Convertibles

While you’re stuck in traffic, take a look around at the surrounding cars. See more than your normal share of American muscle car convertibles? Seemingly the vehicle of choice for Hawaii tourists, I’m guessing the influx of visiting fans for the upcoming Arashi Blast in Hawaii concerts has snapped up all convertible rentals. So take […]

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I Need a Bigger Cup Holder

This new, large size Starbucks Iced Coffee is now available at grocery stores. And yes, you need a bigger cup holder in your car to hold this 48-oz container. I mean this is a one-time drink right? Like a super-sized iced coffee? This iced coffee comes in three flavors, unsweetened, lightly sweetened, and caramel and […]

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Made with <a href="">Threadless Type Tees</a>

Needed Threadless Type Tees in 2009

Where, oh, where was Threadless Type Tees back in 2009 when I really needed this service? Make your own custom printed tee using an iPhone app. Yes, I definitely could have used this app to capture the discourse with @ryankanno immortalized on Twitter. Heck, even this convo could have been lost over the years if […]

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Meeting Mele

So there’s a pig hanging around the workplace. Yes, a real pig of the animal variety. She’s small (for now) and named Mele which you have to pronounce as Mayyyyleeeeeeeee.

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Hostess is back

Order Restored to the World

Order in the world is gradually returning to normal. The first sign is the comeback of Hostess goodies. Despite their nutritional value, your childhood memories are better off with Twinkies in them. The second sign is this hint from former radio personality Gregg Hammer. Hammer returning to the airwaves after leaving? Yes, please! I’m wondering […]

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