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Haunted by the AT&T Ringtone

Imaging hearing this audio sound again and again but very faintly. Eventually, it’ll drive you crazy. [audio:] That’s what haunted me as my LG G3 Android phone was stuck playing this tune. The screen wasn’t responsive, the phone was getting hot, but I would hear that AT&T ringtone every few minutes indicating some function. Not […]

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Comparing Pics

Like many others, my smartphone has become my most used camera. The quality of the images is more than good enough, forget about zooming, and speed matters (speed of getting the camera ready and the speed of snapping pics). So let’s make some unscientific comparisons between the images from an iPhone 5 and the LG […]

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LG G3 Unboxing

Definitely not the same vibe as the unboxing of an Apple device, but the LG G3 was efficiently packed in a fitted box. A few things though. After opening the box, you pick up the phone and marvel at its lightness. Only after fully emptying the contents of the box do you realize the (heavy […]

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Taking Screen Shots in Android

One of my first lessons of living the Android Life was figuring out how to take a screen shot. Sounds easy enough, but this became my first exposure to the differences between Apple and Android phone makers. For all iOS devices, holding down the physical power and home buttons trigger a screen shot. For Android, […]

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