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Honoring the End of A Song of Ice and Fire

So my household is paying tribute to the end of The Game of Thrones, a Song of Ice and Fire, and I mean that literally. Before the last season of GoT airs, my home has no ice or fire. My ice maker isn’t working and now the pilot light in my water heater is out. […]

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Light of the Seven – So Good

Gotta love the last episode of Season 6 of the Game of Thrones. The music truly set this episode apart, especially the opening sequence featuring the Light of the Seven. It’s so good, so full of impact. Listen on repeat, just don’t follow Tommen. Yup, that is a piano playing in this opening score.

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Game of Thrones Thought: Dragonglass

Just more random thoughts about the Game of Thrones. Now-Maester Samwell Tarly figures out how to produce Dragonglass in quantities. Heck, maybe Sam’s hometown has Obsidian deposits from which weapons can be forged. And guess who comes to the rescue when Jon Show and company are cornered by the White Walkers? Yup, Sam the Slayer. Well, […]

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Game of Thrones Thought

Just a random thought about Game of Thrones. Ramsay Bolton (eventually) gets taken out by the remaining direwolves. Seems like Ramsay uses his dogs and hounds to do some of his dirty work. So why not turn the tides and show the real alpha dogs, the direwolves? That would be an appropriate reunion of Ghost (Jon […]

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Getting Ready for A Feast of Crows

Getting Ready for A Feast of Crows

Game of Thrones Season 4 is coming up in April. Although it’s technically the fourth season of the series, the storyline continues from the latter half of Book 3, A Storm of Swords. If you want to jump forward and see what lies ahead in Westeros, there’s Book 4, A Feast for Crows

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Khal Drogo Does the Shaka

Gotta love Jason Momoa aka Khal Drogo on The Games of Thrones flashing the shaka alongside the Kingslayer and Khaleesi. Too bad the Dothraki didn’t adopt the shaka as a hand gesture for their tribes.

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Nike Game of Thrones Kicks?

It’s highly unlikely, but I wonder if Nike would consider designing shoes inspired by HBO’s Game of Thrones. There could be some interesting colorways tied to the regions and peoples of Westeros. The family sigils have already been redesigned by Nike’s Darrin Crescenzi, and I could easily see these translated to Nike’s kicks. Hmm, a […]

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Tyrion Lannister=GOAT Hand of the King

Season 2 of the Game of Thrones just proves how Tyrion Lannister as the Hand of the King is GOAT. Here are some of his most memorable lines from this season. Be forewarned (though as a Game of Thrones fan you already know) that there’s some profanity to be heard.

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