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Raspberry Pi Retro Arcade Buying List

Researching building a retro arcade gaming system using a Raspberry Pi. Software Looks like RetroPie is a good start for the software emulation. Tutorial Follow this tutorial to get RetroPie installed and running. Hardware Here’s a hardware list I’m looking at: The basic hardware including WiFi. CanaKit Raspberry Pi 2 Complete Starter Kit with WiFi […]

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Tsum Tsum

Crushed by the Tsums

Forget Candy Crush. The next thing is here in the form of Disney’s Tsums. The Tsums or really, the Tsum Tsum, is a popular mobile game in Japan now turned into plush toys now taking over the US. For your own benefit, you need to learn more about the Tsum Tsum game and toys.

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The Asian Gangster

What Does an Asian Gangster Look Like?

Forget the Original Gangsta, better known as the OG. There’s an Asian Gangster, or AG, on the scene in the form of Arthur Chu. What does the AG look like? Like this on the set of Jeopardy where the AG got his cred. I haven’t seen any of Arthur’s wins, but supposedly they’re epic, capitalizing […]

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Loving Leonard Cooper

Leonard Cooper of the ‘fro and olive long sleeve absolutely rocked Jeopardy’s Teen Tournament. Never showing fear, Leonard let his guts, intellect, and wit lead him to victory. Read this narrative for a great perspective of Leonard’s olive long sleeve, but the video itself is priceless. Wonder if the olive long sleeve will become a […]

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Quizzard – It’s Academic

“Who was America’s first vice president and second president?” asks It’s Academic. Pshaw! “Is that your best?” is what I counter with. It’s Academic is the latest educational challenge, pitting the smarts of Hawaii high school teams against each other. We’re talking math, science, current events, public schools, private schools. But… back in the late […]

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