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Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Road Rage Defuzah

So the days are counting down to Christmas, and people’s anxieties are increasing. With extra crowded roadways, it’s even easier to encounter road rage. But this holiday gift can easily diffuse the tense situation. It’s the Road Rage Defuzah (yes, defuzah). One side of the sign says “Mahalo” while the other says “My Bad.” When […]

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Holiday Gift Guide 2016: SweetTango Apples

Yes, fruit is on the Pulpconnection Holiday Gift Guide for 2016 in the form of the SweeTango apple. Yes, SweeTango. A funny name and an artifical origin but a very yummy gift for fans of fruit. A hybrid of a Zester and Honeycrisp apple, the SweeTango is super crisp and crunchy. On the inside, the […]

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Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Adidas UltraBoost Uncaged Parley

This gift is for the environmentally-minded shoehead. That someone loves shoes yet also yearns to protect the oceans of our earth. If you know that person, then this is the gift to give. It is the Adidas UltraBoost Uncaged Parley that’s constructed from plastic dumped into the ocean but recycled into thread constructing this gorgeous pair of […]

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Holiday Gift Guide 2016: SIFTE Sunglasses

Sunglass Initiative For Tomorrow’s Eyes. That’s SIFTE and purchasing a pair of SIFTE sunglasses is also donating to charities such as the American Foundation for the Blind, Helping Hands for the Blind, and the Foundation Fighting Blindness. And at $15, these make for afforadable gifts of giving (and sun protection). SIFTEs are available in black or white […]

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Holiday Gift Guide 2016: NES Classic

Of course the 2016 edition of the Pulpconnection Holiday Gift Guide kicks off with none other than the NES Classic game console. If you’re reading this then you know it’s already too late to get one of these childhood memories with initial inventory selling out in minutes. Online or at retail locations, these things didn’t […]

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