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Gregg Hammer Imitates Danielle Tucker

Must be professional courtesy otherwise why hasn’t Gregg Hammer imitated the excellent traffic reporter, Danielle Tucker? Just listen to this combination of Gregg mimicking Danielle letting loose her personal commentary about the traffic situations.

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Michelle Wie Twerking Play by Play

So you’re 24 years young, making millions playing a game you love, and just achieved a major milestone. Who cares if Michelle Wie partied it up a bit to celebrate. What is funny is Gregg Hammer’s impersonation of a golf announcer doing the play calling for Michelle’s against-the-wall twerking. Take a listen…

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Kim Kardashian and Kim Jong Il

Two voice Tuesday on Hammertime brought a mashup of Kim “Mrs. Yeezy” Kardashian and Korea’s own Kim Jong Il. Sorry, I cannot translate and don’t mind the non-sequitur image. SoundCloud’s integration with Instagram isn’t working for all my images.

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The Return of Two Voice Tuesday?

Mea culpa if this is old news, but when did Hammertime on KRTR 96.3 revive the famous Two Voice Tuesday? Have I somehow been missing out all this time listening to Gregg Hammer combine two vocal caricatures? Here are a few clips from today’s zaniness. All-Asian Wayne Anzaki mixed with Austrian-American Arnold Schwarzenegger. Perhaps a […]

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