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Holiday Gift Guide 2019 Wizenard Corollary

“A book? A book?!” If that’s the response you got after gifting my first recommendation of the Wizenard Series: Training Camp then here’s the corollary. Tell the gift recipient that after the book is done, then these will magically appear. With Kobe Bryant as the creator of the Wizenard Series, you had to believe that […]

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Holiday Gift Guide 2019 The Wizenard Series

It’s mid-October, so what better time to kick start Pulpconnection’s Holiday Gift Guide for 2019. As usual, these gift recommendations are simply that – recommendations from me to you but all from my point of view. So my first recommendation is a book. Yes, a book, but one inspired by the mind of former NBA-er […]

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Holiday Gift Guide 2018 Bombas x Sesame Street

Recently, I’ve noticed a nostalgic push in collaborations between brands. The latest is this Sesame Street collab with Bombas. The sock makers took elements of your favorite Sesame Street characters and created these fun socks. Not super obvious but you get just enough of a sense to know who the socks match up with. My […]

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Slow Shipping This Holiday Season

I’m sure it can’t only be me, but has shipping packages this holiday season been slower than previous years? I don’t ever recall having so many parcels delayed or even damaged. I even thought one of my UPS packages was stolen only to find it delivered five days after it was reported. Must be the […]

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Starbucks Snowman

Starbucks Bonus Star Cookie

For a short time, Starbucks had a promotion pushing their holiday delights. Buy a Snowman Cookie, Peppermint Brownie Cake Pop, or Cranberry Bliss Bar, and you’d get an extra star (but only if you received this offer). Although the cake pop is the smallest, it was kinda costly. So I went with the big snow […]

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It’s Starting to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Is it the early evening darkness, the cool nights, or ornaments for sale? Whatever it is, it’s starting to look a lot like Christmas, especially with all these “gifts” that have arrived recently. Remember my order mixup with Strong Like Bull magnets? With great customer service, the problem has been resolved and my bonus order […]

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