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Posting for Posterity

Just wanted to post these pictures for the sakes of posterity. One day, I can look back on these and remember. Well, I can remember taking the L for the Travis Scott Jordan 1 Lows, but Cocobeanheart got the W. To ease the L, I treated myself to these limited time Hostess snacks. The Orange […]

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Ho Hos are back

Hostess, the Sweetest Comeback

The sweetest comeback by Hostess is well underway. First Twinkies and cupcakes began showing up on shelves. Now, other Hostess treats like Ho Hos are appearing. And don’t forget, as part of this sweetest comeback in the history of ever is the return of the Cinnamon Roll. Say what?! I didn’t even know Hostess offered […]

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Twinkie coffee stirrer

Call It a Comeback

Sorry, LL Cool J, but this indeed is a comeback with Twinkies returning to the shelves in mid-July. Heck, even the boxes will be emblazoned with the phrase: The Sweetest Comeback In The History Of Ever So go ahead and indulge on those Twinkies you stockpiled. Don’t worry about that 45-day expiration window – still […]

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Hostess’ Last Stand

I have seen with my very own eyes a lost American icony. Yes, I am talking about Hostess-made treats, specifically Hostess Cupcakes, unopened, in mint condition, with the expiration date good until mid-February. I have not seen Hostess treats in a big box since the days of plenty. Where was this rarity discovered? In Guam. […]

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Because Every Kid Needs to Know…

It’s just not right that kids of the near future will not know what Twinkies, Ho Hos, and Ding Dongs are. Because of Hostess’ bankruptcy and impending liquidation of assets, the future of Twinkies looks bleak (or does it?). I’m not taking chances and stocked up for one last sugar rush so that my kids […]

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The End Is Near!

Maybe the Mayans have it right after all. Maybe the end is coming. Hostess actually going bankrupt and therefore emptying the world of Twinkies has to be one of the signs. Stock up now people, stock up.

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