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Got My Levit8 Portable Standing Desk

Hey, hey, hey, my Kickstarter-funded Levit8 portable standing desk arrived this week! Seemingly like many Kickstarter projects built overseas, getting the items to America causes issues and unexpected delays. Nonetheless, my coral-colored, medium-sized Levit8 is here… and I’m befuddled. Just how do you “assemble” this puzzle? I had to watch the video tutorial several times […]

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My Pebble Rocks On

Yes, my Pebble watch rocks on still. After a display on the fritz and a broken band, I though the transition to the AppleWatch was inevitable. But not so fast. An inquiry to Pebble’s customer service led me to a replacement unit at no cost. No cost! Even after originally backing the project on Kickstarter […]

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Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Eternal Light

This is just downright cool. This Kickstarter project aims at bringing eternal light. No batteries needed. This mini flashlight is powered by the touch of a human body. A thermoelectric generator converts your body heat into electricity that powers a small LED. This $35+ gift could be left in cars, attached to your keychain, or […]

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The One Shirt of MORF

What? How does the MORF shirt transform itself into 24 different looks? Yes, 24 looks! Check out the video to understand this Kickstarter project that met its funding goal in a mere six days. And yes, a MORF Men shirt is planned as well so be sure to pledge your support.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Next Keyboard

I’ll be honest. This gift is actually for myself and won’t be available until February 2015. But when you tout your product as the “perfect keyboard for the iPhone,” the wait is worthwhile for the Next Keyboard. Slide on the space bar to move the cursor? Genius. My personal favorite, no confusing shift keys. Swipe […]

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Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Arist, Your Personal Barista

Coffee-based items are mainstays on Pulpconnection’s annual Holiday Gift guides, and 2014 is no different with Arist, your personal barista. Arist is yet another Kickstarter innovation, blending technology with coffee. Can’t get better than that right? With an accompanying smartphone app, you can download various coffee drink recipes, and Arist will concoct that drink. That’s […]

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Holiday Gift Guide 2014: The Undress

At first I was confused about The Undress project on Kickstarter, but their video explained it all. Basically, post workout, active women can “change clothes in public without getting naked.” Easy enough to understand, and this project is well underway with their initial funding request of $22,000 obliterated with over $290,000 worth of pledges. With […]

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Kickstarted the iPhone 6 Felt Case

Oh my fickleness for iPhone cases. Here I was set on getting a Spigen Neo Hybrid Metal case for my new iPhone 6. But then I heard that while the fit was fine, there was a minor discrepancy with the clickiness of the volume buttons. Nothing major, but I guess a last minute adjustment for […]

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Juicies+ connector is bigger

These Are Juicies+

About two weeks ago, my Kickstarter-backed Juicies+ cable arrived after a few delays in production. I went with the gold to change up the collection of white and black cables, and yes, the gold is nice, not gaudy. Some things to note about Juicies+. It’s bigger than the Apple Lightning cable. The Juicies+ is longer, […]

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Backed Robotech Academy

After binging on backing Kickstarter projects, I made an effort to stay away to keep the cash flow incoming and not outgoing. But there are always exceptions. With a nod to nostalgia, I had to kickstart the revival of the classic Robotech series. As many others in my generation would agree, Robotech was the show. […]

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JUICIES+ for 2013

Remember the Kickstarter-based Juicies project back in 2011? These playful iPhone and USB cables took the scenic route to ship, but they were and still are colorfully distinctive. My green USB extension cord lengthens my Lightning iPhone 5 cable for a daily charge. Fast forward to 2013, and Juicies is back to charge up your […]

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Great Customer Service from Strong Like Bull Magnets

Now that’s great customer service by Spoke Design, makers of Strong Like Bull magnets. After Kickstarting this project, I was so pleased with the resulting product that I ordered more (in the new colors). Anyways, there was an order mixup that was resolved. But besides the fast resolution and apology, I’m getting additional magnets! Yep, […]

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