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It’s Okay to Cry

After the Cavaliers victory over the Warriors in Game 7 of the NBA Finals, it’s okay to be overwhelmed by emotions as picked up by Nike. Even the King was overcome. But it’s okay to cry.

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No Go for These #RossFinds

Had to say no to both of these shoes found at Ross aka #rossfinds. While each had its merits, they didn’t win me over in the end. LeBron 11 Low I’ve been looking for shoes featuring the full length Air Max 360 for a long time. Finally, I came across these LeBron 11 Lows in […]

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LeBron 12s Are Hot

LeBron James’ latest signature kicks are hot, already making Pulpconnection’s Holiday Gift Guide for 2014. But the pair of King James on your feet may figuratively be “hot” as in stolen. Some dude tried to steal $1 million worth of LeBron 12s from the Nike distribution center. That’s about 7500 pairs of kicks. Just where […]

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Lance Stephenson Making Me Feel Funny

Is it just me or does anyone else feel a little funny watching the Pacers Lance Stephenson blowing sweetly into the ear of Lebron James? Make sure you unmute the audio track in Vine. Must be the music that’s putting me in the mood as well.

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Nike LeBron X Lifestyle NRG

Vulcanized Looks Like This

I’m not sure why but Foot Locker’s post about the launch of the new LeBron X NSW Lifestyle shoe mentions “vulcanized” several times. Vulcanized sounds cool, but I would guess majority of shoe soles are vulcanized. But I guess not all vulcanized soles look like this…

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Can You Do This in 2.2 Seconds?

Can you run from the NBA three-point line to the rim and make a left handed layup in 2.2 seconds? That’s roughly 23 feet of distance to cover while being (lightly) guarded. If you’re 6-8, you can cover that span in about 4 strides like this. Maybe you also need these Oreo-inspired shoes for that […]

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That’d be LeBron Dunking

Despite the grainy video, that is LeBron James throwing down a crazy dunk during warmups. Through the legs pass off the backboard and a monster throw down! I’ll take the “H” in H-O-R-S-E.

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LeBron James the Comic Book

LeBron James is making a fictitious crossover to the comic book world with this special edition LeBron King of the Rings. Available in the October 19 edition of ESPN the Magazine, LeBron has won multiple NBA championships thanks to continued improvements and training. He works on his free throws, picks up zen pick-and-roll tactics from […]

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Could You Have Imagined?

Back in May of 2005, when Nike joined forces with Apple, could you have imagined this? In 2005, the Nike+ system debuted strictly to track running. Back then you had to use the Sports Kit with a shoe sensor and a receiver for your iPod Nano. The iPhone did not exist in 2005. In his […]

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