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Car Fire on Lehua

Did you hear about the car fire this morning on Lehua in the Pearl City area? Thanks to his dedication to work, @locke02000 was already in the area when the car went up in flames and the fire crew arrives on scene. As far as I know, there’s no connection with this car fire and […]

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"Fence" on Kamehameha Highway

Thoughts About the Fence on Kamehameha Highway

So Hawaii News Now is working on a story about fence that splits Kamehameha Highway in Pearl City. You know the one. It was decorated in March 2011 but then it wasn’t in November 2012. Now, in 2014, the entire fence line is coming down for rail construction. What was the impetus for the fence […]

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Kamehameha Highway Decorated No More

Back in March 2011, I was enthralled with the newly decorated Kamehameha Highway in the Pearl City area. Only this week, my obtuse power of observation noticed that all the decorations are gone. I don’t know when it exactly happened, but I kinda miss the garish display.

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TJ Maxx Pearl City Has Lots of Thongs

The second TJ Maxx on Oahu opened today in the Pearl City area, and I went looking for kicks/sneakers/shoes.  Maybe a discounted Air Jordan, an older Air Max, or a not-so-popular Hyperfuse could be found at the grand opening right? Nope, no men’s shoes anywhere, just lots and lots of thongs.  Dressy ones, leather ones, […]

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“Mak a right”

Hope you made it to Jaden’s party alright. You did “mak a right,” right? I see it now, the next great mobile app will be a spell checker. Using Augmented Reality (AR) technologies, you’ll be able to use your camera phone to look at any text. Then you’ll see the augmented display with the infamous […]

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The Decorative Kamehameha Highway?

Driving along Kamehameha Highway in Aiea and Pearl City, I witnessed the awesome decorative display lining the chain link fence that runs the entire median of the road. The pattern changes every few hundred feet, and I’m sure this does help reduce the headlights of opposing vehicles.  But all I can say is, “Wow.” I’m […]

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New Stores Coming Up in Pearl City

The area around the Pearl City Wal-Mart continues to be developed. Construction recently began for a Wendy’s, Starbucks, Jamba Juice, Quiznos, Panda Express, L&L, and Kozo Sushi. Besides these food vendors, there will be a Central Pacific Bank, Nextel, Bellagio nail salon, and the Pacific Endoscopy Center. So after getting lunch, you can pick up […]

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