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Evangeline Lilly Delayed My Appointment

You remember this scene from LOST? That’s one of the memories that jogged in my head as I sat down and stared at a familiar face a few seats away – the face of Evangeline Lilly. Couldn’t be, right? Did she come back to Hawaii? LOST ended a few years back and Ms. Lilly’s filming […]

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In July 2009…

In July 2009, the family enjoyed the hospitality of the Four Season Lanai, staying at Manele Bay and the Lodge at Koele for a wedding. And who knew the Four Seasons has an active social networking campaign, engaging customers on Twitter and even giving Twitter treats! In July 2009, the Hawaii State Farm Fair featured […]

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Thanks for the Memories, LOST

After six seasons, LOST has come to an end, and all I can say is thanks. Thanks for the weekly adventure into the mystical, the philosophical, the mysterious, the fantastic, and always exciting island of LOST. And thanks for showcasing Hawaii and all its beauty and becoming part of our community. That’s how we got […]

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The Chapmans at the LOST premiere

The Shakalicious LOST Premiere

No, I didn’t go to the Waikiki premiere showing of the final season of LOST. I followed along online and watched the events unfold. There were a ton of great pictures, many of them taken by local fans. My favorite pics are of the LOST actors doing the Hawaii-unique shaka. Here are a few… Thanks […]

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Help Humanity. Bid for Evangeline Lilly

LOST actress and humanitarian, Evangeline Lilly, is putting herself up for auction to raise funds to support the GO Campaign. Winning bidders will have lunch with Evangeline in Hawaii, Los Angeles, or Canada (there are three auctions, one for each locale). The auctions end on February 4, 2010 and the leading bids are around $2500. […]

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LOST Filming at Bishop Museum Like Now!

The pulpy family called in to report the filming of LOST at the Bishop Museum. Amongst the kids exploring Hawaiiana and the scientific wonders of a volcano, Henry Ian Cusick aka Desmond was spotted on set which was decked out like a wedding. So perhaps Penny is on island too? Since the crew is working […]

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Wearing Diamond Dunks

Celebrity Thursday

After experiencing [re]think Hawaii and TEDxHonolulu, life treated me to a few celebrity sightings. First, there was Olena Heu who looked dashing in purple while shopping at Costco. Then there was yet another Jorge Garcia sighting at a Farmer’s Market. I saw him buying fresh vegetables as I was driving in, but by the time […]

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Spotted at Ala Moana

What did I spot at Ala Moana this past weekend?  How about this $175 Juicy bag for a grandmother? Not your thing? How about some Nike Lunarglides? And in case you forget, here’s a shirt to remind you. Awesome (and expensive) Star Wars Lego. And Legos are cool! Just ask Naveen Andrews aka Sayid on […]

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Hey There Hurley x2

Just had another run in with Jorge Garcia from LOST. I was just sitting in the car with napping kids when I see him going into his car parked right in front of ours. With the kids sleeping, all I could do was wave hello, and “Uncle Hurley” (as the kids call him) waved back. […]

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