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Vestiges of Kailua Past

Over the weekend, I saw vestiges of Kailua’s past. The last existence of Quiznos was being erased as the former sub sandwich shop’s sign was painted over. As the renovation of Macy’s is still underway, part of the renovation uncovered its older past when Macy’s was Liberty House.

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Macy’s Kailua Now Up to 50% Off

The closing of Macy’s Kailua continues with items discounted as much as 50% off. But… I don’t know where these items are. Instead, I find mostly regularly priced items with marginal markdowns. A $65 pair of Hurley and Nike shorts at 20% off is still expensive. Nonetheless, the store is gradually emptying out. G Shock […]

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Macy’s Kailua Closing

Nothing lasts forever, but Macy’s in Kailua made a good run at it. In the heart of Kailua downtown for as long as I can remember, this smallish Macy’s was always an excellent backup. Sure, they didn’t have everything like the Ala Moana location, but this store had enough. Oh and finding that particular size […]

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Signs of Hawaii: Temporarily Out of Order

If you shopped Macy’s at Ala Moana during the holidays, you probably ran into this sign located on one of the upper floor exits. What’s that? You can’t read that sign printed on 8.5×11 paper using a small font? You were one of those who approached the doors, straining to read the sign from afar. […]

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Macy’s Athletic Shoes Now by Finish Line

Just in case you were wondering why the athletic shoe department at Macy’s got a boost of style, know that they are now operated by Finish Line. So instead of the more traditional sneakers you’ve seen at the conservative Macy’s, you’ll see some flash like the Nike Roshe Run (for both men and women). The […]

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Today I Learned…

that the temperature in the private event room of Alan Wong’s Pineapple Room in Macy’s Ala Moana is not adjustable. Supposedly, it is controlled by a facility in New Jersey. Yes, that’s what was explained to our party when asking if we cool off the room a little. Yes, that New Jersey – not in […]

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Macy's Kailua parking front

Macy’s Kailua Has More or Less Parking

The parking lot by Macy’s Kailua now has more… or less parking stalls available. Parts of the lot have been re-zoned, adding new parking stalls but… a few of these stalls are reserved for handicapped and others are for temporary purposes. Pier 1 has two stalls for loading up purchases. CPK has several 15 minute […]

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Signs of Hawaii: Liberty House Logo

Heck, Liberty House became Macy’s a long time ago when Hackfelds was still around. But did you know that inside the Ala Moana location, you can still find the vintage logo of Liberty House? It’s hidden in plain sight, especially if you’re riding the escalator from the bottom floor to the main level. Here’s another […]

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