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Can’t Rebuild the Database for Mac Outlook 2016

My Mac Outlook 2016 (aka Version 15) has been running real slow so I wanted to rebuild its database to clean up any nagging issues. Holding down the Option key while starting up Outlook 2016 does nothing. There’s a reason for that – there is no database to rebuild anymore. According to this Microsoft Office […]

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Windows Hot Dog Stand

My Favorite Windows Theme, Hot Dog Stand

Back when I was learning about Microsoft Windows 3.x, my favorite visual theme was Hot Dog Stand. This thing was and still is hideously ugly. So ugly that you have to love it while hating it. Oh only if Pontiac made the Aztek in hot dog stand colors would it be the greatest car ever.

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Making SharePoint Print

Never really noticed, but printing from within Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 isn’t really a thing. It’s not something I’d consider doing, but I can understand the need to print. By default, there’s no print function in SharePoint, but follow this short tutorial to add a Print button to a list item. Simple enough.

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think different or MS crm

Think Different or Think Microsoft Dynamic CRM?

For some reason, as I was reading the article 10 Ways to Think Different – Inside Apple’s Cult-Like Culture, I kept thinking that I needed to check out Microsoft’s new Dynamic CRM online service. I don’t know why, and it wasn’t anything forced, it just fit, you know?

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Learn the Electric Slide from Microsoft

Um, yeah this is so cool? Employees at the Microsoft Store in California bust out the electric slide in the store during working hours. So if you ever wanted to learn this classic, just watch. I don’t know about you, but I suddenly feel the urge to buy Windows 7! Or not…

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The Microsoft Store Opens for Business

Microsoft has opened its doors to its own retail stores similar to the Apple Stores. Here’s a video of the store opening. Are you excited!?! I wonder if Microsoft is confident enough to showcase Apple computers running Windows or Windows software like Office for the Mac? No Windows 7 running on Apple hardware yet though. […]

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