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Obama's iPod

A Zuny New Year!

2009 rang in and Microsoft Zune players around the world stopped working. Due to a glitch with its internal clock, 30GB Zune models froze and would not reset. This “Zune Y2K9” bug should rectify itself by letting the battery die, recharging it, then turning the Zune back on. Frustrated Zune users, if you’re looking for […]

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Breaking up Bill and Jerry

Is it really over already? Many sites are saying that the Microsoft ads featuring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld have been cancelled. Not understanding the point of these commercials is the widely accepted reason for the cancellation. I was confused by the first ad at the shoe store. The second one was fun but still […]

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Quirky, Geeky Fun of Windows Ads

A new Microsoft Windows television ad featuring Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates is now showing. Seinfeld provides the quirkiness and Gates pokes fun at his geekiness for a somewhat entertaining commercial. Though like the Seinfeld television series, the commercial seems to be about nothing, but does pave the way for more quirky, geeky Windows ads. […]

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Mac Office 2008 Is Too Slow

After upgrading to the latest Mac Office 2008, I think I’m about to revert back to the older 2004 version. The latest Office suite is sooo slow on my MacBook Pro (2 GHz Core Duo and 2 GB RAM). Word, Excel, and PowerPoint take forever to start up. And even once started, performance of these […]

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Mac (Hardware) Officially Does Windows

My how things have changed! Today, Apple officially endorsed the installation and running of Microsoft Windows XP on Intel-based Mac hardware. Using Apple’s Boot Camp (in public beta), legal WinXP users can install XP on a Mac and dual boot between the “X” operating systems, OS X and XP. There have been recent hacks that […]

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Experience with Mac Office 2004 Update

I installed the Mac Office 2004 Update 11.2.3 last night, wanting to see the Spotlight integration and Entourage syncing with .Mac. After installing the update, I repaired disk permissions and kicked off a sync with .Mac. Things didn’t go too smoothly though. Initially, I got expected warnings to deconflict contact information between Entourage and Address […]

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Mac Office 2004 Update!

Lookee, lookee, the Microsoft AutoUpdate kicked in today and showed an update to Mac Office 2004. This update now enables “Mac OS X Sync Services and Spotlight searches to sync and find Entourage items, use smart cards with Entourage 2004, and enjoy improved overall security…” Oooohhh, Spotlight integration. I must say using Spotlight on my […]

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