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Now Surfing at 200 Mbps

All this time I’ve had Oceanic’s Internet Ultimate 200 data plan and didn’t realize it. Simply put, my household could get 200 Mbps download speeds which is way greater than the 50 Mbps Extreme package I had back in the day. But my older Motorola SurfBoard SB6141 modem maxed out at 100 Mbps. Lose out! […]

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And Then There’s Costco

Here I was looking for best prices of the Motorola SB6183 cable modem, but in the end, there was Costco. Strolling down the electronics section, lo and behold, there was the SB6183 at the same price as Amazon. 200 Mb/s here I come!

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Note to Self: Target Hawaii Does Not Price Match Amazon

Just a reminder to myself that Target locations in Hawaii do not price match online stores. They’ll price match but not other sites like On the mainland, it’s a different story, but be wary of the “except Alaska and Hawaii” exemption clauses. So if you ever need to upgrade your cable modem to […]

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SB6141 cable modem

What’s Good at Costco?

What’s good at the Hawaii Kai Costco? Lego Star Wars Microfighters in sets of three. Typically around $10 each, the set of three goes for $24.99. There are two different sets. Motorola Surfboard Extreme cable modem SB6141. The cable modem I bought in 2013, but I remember paying more than $75. Looks like the white […]

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