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Walmart and Nintendo Both Suck

Of course. Of course, it was too good to be true. I happened to be at the ready when Walmart announced its pre-order of the Nintendo SNES Classic Edition, and I managed to get my pre-order processed. But today, I got notified (and so did everyone else) that this SNES pre-order was a technical glitch […]

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Pre-Ordered a Nintendo SNES Classic Edition

Fingers crossed. It looks like I successfully pre-ordered a Nintendo SNES Classic Edition. When Nintendo announced this minature retro gaming console, pre-order links at Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy soon followed. I had signed up for inventory notifications at these sites, and I got an alert yesterday afternoon from Walmart. Following the link, I quickly […]

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Holiday Gift Guide 2016: NES Classic

Of course the 2016 edition of the Pulpconnection Holiday Gift Guide kicks off with none other than the NES Classic game console. If you’re reading this then you know it’s already too late to get one of these childhood memories with initial inventory selling out in minutes. Online or at retail locations, these things didn’t […]

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Learning How to Brew a Wii

I had never come across this before and only recently inherited an used Nintendo Wii, but it looks like the Wii still has some tricks left. Released in 2006 and discontinued in 2013, the Wii hardware supports other uses like running emulators of other gaming consoles. By modding the Wii with the Homebrew Channel, users […]

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