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Can’t Rebuild the Database for Mac Outlook 2016

My Mac Outlook 2016 (aka Version 15) has been running real slow so I wanted to rebuild its database to clean up any nagging issues. Holding down the Option key while starting up Outlook 2016 does nothing. There’s a reason for that – there is no database to rebuild anymore. According to this Microsoft Office […]

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Mac Office 2008 Is Too Slow

After upgrading to the latest Mac Office 2008, I think I’m about to revert back to the older 2004 version. The latest Office suite is sooo slow on my MacBook Pro (2 GHz Core Duo and 2 GB RAM). Word, Excel, and PowerPoint take forever to start up. And even once started, performance of these […]

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Experience with Mac Office 2004 Update

I installed the Mac Office 2004 Update 11.2.3 last night, wanting to see the Spotlight integration and Entourage syncing with .Mac. After installing the update, I repaired disk permissions and kicked off a sync with .Mac. Things didn’t go too smoothly though. Initially, I got expected warnings to deconflict contact information between Entourage and Address […]

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Mac Office 2004 Update!

Lookee, lookee, the Microsoft AutoUpdate kicked in today and showed an update to Mac Office 2004. This update now enables “Mac OS X Sync Services and Spotlight searches to sync and find Entourage items, use smart cards with Entourage 2004, and enjoy improved overall security…” Oooohhh, Spotlight integration. I must say using Spotlight on my […]

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