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Car Fire on Lehua

Did you hear about the car fire this morning on Lehua in the Pearl City area? Thanks to his dedication to work, @locke02000 was already in the area when the car went up in flames and the fire crew arrives on scene. As far as I know, there’s no connection with this car fire and […]

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Signs of Hawaii: @OKAZUYA

Remember back in the day before the Internet proliferated our daily lives that the @ symbol meant a physical “at?” Nowadays, whenever you see the @ followed by a word, you assume it to be an online identity or persona. But in this case, @okazuya really means “at okazuya.”

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iPhone 6: Lines, Lines, Lines

At lunch on Thursday, the AT&T store in Pearl City had a line forming for Friday’s launch of the iPhone 6. Okay, there was only one person in line but there were about five in line shortly afterwards. In fact, this forming line drew the attention of the security guards who insisted those in queue […]

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"Fence" on Kamehameha Highway

Thoughts About the Fence on Kamehameha Highway

So Hawaii News Now is working on a story about fence that splits Kamehameha Highway in Pearl City. You know the one. It was decorated in March 2011 but then it wasn’t in November 2012. Now, in 2014, the entire fence line is coming down for rail construction. What was the impetus for the fence […]

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Kabuki Menu

That line to get okazuya from Kabuki’s in the Waimalu Shopping Center is always long and for good reason. Prices are very affordable, and the food is tasty. Here’s a shot of their okazuya menu to tempt you.

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TJ Maxx Pearl City Has Lots of Thongs

The second TJ Maxx on Oahu opened today in the Pearl City area, and I went looking for kicks/sneakers/shoes.  Maybe a discounted Air Jordan, an older Air Max, or a not-so-popular Hyperfuse could be found at the grand opening right? Nope, no men’s shoes anywhere, just lots and lots of thongs.  Dressy ones, leather ones, […]

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Supporting the Waipahu and Pearl City Economy

Drove out to Waipahu to look at baby gear at USA Baby. Before going to the store, we stopped off at the Poke Stop, run by Chef Elmer Guzman formerly of Sam Choy’s Diamond Head Restaurant. Food is good but pricey. For dinner, we tried Ige’s Restaurant and 19th Puka in Pearl City. The place […]

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