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Anthem Is a Shoe Palace?

Say what? That Anthem store in Pearlridge Phase 1 Uptown is actually a Shoe Palace in disguise? The employees wear the SP uniform and all plastic bags have the SP branding. But… this location gets the hype releases like the recent Yeezy Clays although only one full size run. And sadly, this shoe guy was […]

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Starbucks Pearlridge Changed to an Innie

Starbucks Pearlridge Changed to an Innie

Whoa. Sometime in March, the Starbucks inside Pearlridge in Phase 1 aka Uptown went from an outie to an innie.    The location used to be flush with the walls which lended to poor visibility of the exterior shelves. This innie layout is way better and more inviting. It feels like you’re actually entering Starbucks […]

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Flutter Flyaway

Thanks to Pearlridge and the Flutter Flyaway Contest!

With a flit and a flutter (and an Instagramed tweet), I was entered in Pearlridge’s Flutter Flyaway contest. Late this afternoon, I saw several tweets announcing that I had been randomly picked as the week 1 winner. How great is that?! This week's winner of our Flutter & Flyaway contest is @Geewhy! He gets a […]

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A Taste of Robotics at Pearlridge Center

I’ve never watched a robotics competition for any duration before, but Pearlridge Center gave me the opportunity this past weekend. On Sunday, February 17, 2013, Pearlridge hosted a VEX Robotics Competition as part of Engineers Week in Hawaii. Middle and elementary schools from around the island showcased their custom designed and built robots in a […]

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Too early in the morning for an iced blended coffee drink?

Pearlridge in the Morning

You ever been to a shopping mall before all the shops open? I inadvertently had this opportunity before the DKBK tweetup and the screening of Batman The Dark Knight Rises. The tweetup began at 8am at Pearlridge, and yes, the mall was pretty much desserted. Here are some pics from Pearlridge Downtown aka Phase 2. […]

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Asked to Leave Lenscrafters

Let me rewind a bit. After a routine eye exam, my doctor said my prescription has been changing over the years and recommended getting new eyeglasses. Only having had like two, maybe three, pairs of glasses before, I really don’t know where to go so I figured I go to LensCrafters since they’re around most […]

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