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My Pebble Rocks On

Yes, my Pebble watch rocks on still. After a display on the fritz and a broken band, I though the transition to the AppleWatch was inevitable. But not so fast. An inquiry to Pebble’s customer service led me to a replacement unit at no cost. No cost! Even after originally backing the project on Kickstarter […]

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At the End of the Pebble-d Path?

Am I at the end of the Pebble-d path? First, the original watchband gave way and finally cracked, but I got a replacement. About a week later, this starts happening to the screen. Resetting the Pebble to factory defaults is the suggested troubleshooting tip but even that’s not working. It’ll reset but then my Pebble […]

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My Inevitable Journey to the Apple Watch

I’ve come to rationalize realize that the Apple Watch is in my future. The journey to this latest in wearable tech started back in 2005 with the advent of the Nike+iPod Sports Kit. The alliance of Apple and Nike, two of my favorite brands, materialized the idea of data-driven workouts for the masses. With a sensor in […]

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A Short Pebble Review

I’ll get right to it. The Pebble watch is good but not yet great. Oh, there’s potential, but it’s not yet materialized. When I learned of the Pebble project on Kickstarter, I backed it without hesitation. The promise of a “smartwatch” working in conjunction with a smartphone aka iPhone was, well, simply smart. What’s Great […]

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