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LeBron and his Beats

Apple Going After Black America?

Here’s an interesting angle of why Apple is interested in Dr. Dre’s Beats line. Apple wants an “in” with Black America. Seemingly over two thirds of African Americans own Android smartphones rather than iPhones, but Beats doesn’t follow this ratio. You remember the outspoken Richard Sherman Beats commercial during this past SuperBowl? Or how about […]

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Justin Bieber’s Next Tattoo?

Maybe not his very next tattoo. Maybe to celebrate his 21st birthday. Maybe when his career is on the wane. But you do have to wonder if one day, the boy wonder will get one of these, ahem, private tattoos (NSFW).

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Steve Jobs Is a Bad A$$ Ninja!?

I still believe this is true even though Apple issued a statement saying otherwise. Seemingly someone that looked like Steve Jobs tried to carry ninja shuriken on board an aircraft. I can see Steveo doing this and explaining to the guards that it wouldn’t make sense to hijack his own plane (using the shuriken). Steve […]

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Toyota Taking a Page From Kanye and Jay-Z’s Playbook?

Toyota has taken a bashing in the news recently with their massive recalls of 8.5 million vehicles.  But amidst all the negative publicity, have you simply noticed how much Toyota has been in the news.  Sure, it is for all the wrong reasons ala Kanye West and Taylor Swift, but you know, there may be […]

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I Like “Canvas”

Macworld has a list of potential names for Apple’s forthcoming tablet. From their list, I like “Canvas”. It’s already spreading around the Net about the CEO of McGraw-Hill spilling some beans about Apple’s product announcement tomorrow. I’m still hoping for some kind of tethering or MiFi-like wireless sharing for the iPhone and Canvas combo. I […]

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Apple and LaLa, What Could Be

Here’s a convincing article about what Apple could be announcing as part of their Special Event next week. How Apple uses its buyout of LaLa and its rumored plan to reshape the digital music ownership landscape sounds very Apple-esque. Leave it to Steve Jobs to change the game.

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Active Imgination or Hijinks at Office Max?

Have you visited the Office Max Waikele location recently? Maybe it’s just my active imagination at work, or is there some kind of hijinks going on at this location? I got a bad vibe when I was there the other week. Most of the employees are local looking, but the management guys are not. They’re […]

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Production Crew

Samsung Hearts Kailua

On Wednesday, there was a strange occurrence in the neighborhood as a film production crew settled in and marked off stretches of roadway. Had LOST started filming its final season? It couldn’t be since missing were the telltale white trucks and precursory set dressers. Additionally, there were no sightings of Jorge Garcia, Naveen Andrews, Josh […]

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Apple and Twitter?

I’ll put this in the “yeah, right” category, but here’s a story about the possibility of Apple buying Twitter. An interesting but odd combination that would rock the industry if came true.

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iWeb to the Cloud?

There are rumors that the upcoming Macworld Expo will showcase a version of iWork that lives in “the Cloud” aka the Internet. Instead of being traditional desktop applications, the iWork suite will be network services much like Google Docs. What I would like to see is iLife’s iWeb component move to the Cloud. iWeb is […]

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