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Eating Well at Shaver Lake

So what do three families eat while at Shaver Lake? Luckily, my sister-in-law was in charge of the overall menu and planned out all kinds of dishes. Take a look… Needless to say, I think I put on a few pounds even with all the daily activities in the snow.

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Pictures of Shaver Lake, China Peak, and the Pride of Pinnacle

Here are some pictures of the Shaver Lake area, the adjacent China Peak ski resort, and the Pride of Pinnacle rental house. The Pride of Pinnacle is a great rental home that could be epic. It’s centrally located in the Shaver Lake town with plentiful play areas nearby. It’s spacious and very uniquely decorated with […]

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Needing Air in the Air

And it finally hits me! I look down at my arm and wonder what that little spot is. Of course! I had donated blood two weeks ago before leaving for Shaver Lake, CA. And I’m guessing that loss of blood is what caused my mid-air medical incident. I thought it was the red-eye flight that […]

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How Memories Are Made

What makes something truly memorable? Is it the ultimate highs or the deep lows that keep memories fresh? Probably. But when the crests and the troughs happen together, now that’s when memories are forever etched in your cerebrum. More on the memorable highs and lows from our recent snow trip to Shaver Lake, CA… Shaver […]

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