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This Shirt Costs How Much?!?

Look at this shirt then look at the Nordstrom price tag and say it with me, “This shirt costs how much?!?” Just shows my lack of fashion knowledge of the Comme des Garçons PLAY line. That makes the $125 price tag alright, right???

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Charcoal/Mint VH07V – I’m Ready

Local kine company VH07V could* be releasing this charcoal and mint colorway of their signature tee. Charcoal/Mint action. She go? #AlohaRevolution Posted by VH07V on Monday, September 7, 2015 All I can say is when this color combo is ready, I’m ready (Dr. J too). Dr. J approves of these @newbalance #kicks #mint or #pistachio A […]

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Holiday Gift Guide 2013: YOLO Means LOLO Shirt

This one is for the Hawaii locals. You know the catchphrase, “You only live once” abbreviated as YOLO and said before doing something usually disastrous? You can now voice your opinion of YOLO antics using Hawaiian pidgin (slang) on this Hawaiian Style tee. Lolo can range in meaning from dumb to stupid to downright idiotic. […]

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Get Your VH07V

What does that say, VH07V?? Turn your head while you look at the shirt, and it’ll be readily clear. Check out more “Volve” gear here and watch where you get get your VH07V.

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New Threadless Pickups

A $9.99 shirt sale at and a previous Living Social deal costing $15 for $30 of Threadless products means new shirts in my wardrobe. Here are my new pickups. You recognize the dude on the white tee?

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