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Starbucks Evenings on Oahu

Heh, I didn’t realize that there’s a Starbucks on Oahu featuring its Evenings Menu. Even though the Evening program has been officially cancelled, it still lives on across from Rumours in the Ala Moana Hotel. The Evenings Program pairs alcohol offerings along with the coffee and espresso lineup with the idea of bringing in customers […]

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Torture Is…

…standing in back of a group of young teens at Starbucks. Yes, they all ordered individually but thankfully did not place orders for friends who weren’t physically there. Yes, they ordered time-consuming drinks like Frappuccinos and various pink drinks. Luckily, my iced non-fat, no whip Smoked Butterscotch Latte was prepared somewhere in between the kids’ […]

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Starbucks Cascara Latte Is Nuanced

A little late, but I tried the new Starbucks Cascara Latte which contains the fruit of the coffee cherry. Umm, yeah, it’s okay but only slightly, in a subtle, nuanced way. The cascara doesn’t alter the flavor profile of the espresso base, more like heightens (or deepens) the natural flavor. I’ll pass on this drink […]

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Starbucks Cheer Parties and Free Drinks

Starbucks is hosting Cheer Parties at designated locations across America. Starting on December 23 and ending on January 2, 2017, visitors can get free (tall) drinks and discounts on items by visiting a cafe hosting a Cheer Party. Which cafes are hosting? You need to check daily on the site then go there between 1 […]

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The Starbucks Tuxedo Mocha Is a Delicious Hot Mess

As I thought, Starbucks’ new Tuxedo drink lineup sounds better than they appear. In promotions, these drinks look absolutely fabulous juxtaposing the two-tone white/dark chocolate combination. But in practice, when barristas are cranking out drinks, the luxurious look of the Tuxedo drinks is a nice-to-have afterthought. The drink does taste great however. The depth and […]

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Tuxedos at Starbucks

Fancy, fancy Starbucks. Check out the very limited run of the Starbucks Tuxedo Collection. Available as a mocha, hot chocolate, or Frappuccino form, these dark and white chocolate drinks surely look distinguished. Really though, I doubt these drinks would look great during normal serving conditions. Guess I’ll have to find out before the end of […]

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The Funky Fruitcake Frappuccino

Well, if a traditional fruitcake is funky then why should a Starbucks Frappuccino based on a fruitcake be any different? Yes, the Fruitcake Frappuccino is an odd drink. Not very sweet like the Pokémon Go frap, but cake-like with all the fruity chunks. Kinda tastes like vanilla cake with raisins. Normally not my kind of […]

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My Preferred Starbucks at Ala Moana

Is now the newest Starbucks Reserve which is like in the old location of the former Sears. In the Mauka wing of the mall, this Starbucks has been considerably emptier than the locations in Macy’s or at Center Court. Okay, so there’s not that many stores nearby but that simply contributes to it lower volume. […]

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Starbucks Coffee Tumbler for 2017

Starbucks released their special edition coffee tumbler that allows for free coffee during January of 2017. Yep, for the 31 days of January, you can bring in this $40 tumbler and get free brewed coffee (or tea). Usually additions like vanilla and caramel are free of charge when using this tumbler. While you’re there, pick […]

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