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Lychee Monitoring at Target

First off, who knew Target stores in Hawaii sold lychee? Must be quite a few people knew since Target is now monitoring lychee sales upon checkout. Yes, Target cashiers watch how much lychee you’re buying. And don’t think you can outsmart the system by going to self check-out. The POS systems are programmed to halt […]

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Apple HomePod Showing Up at Target

It was a matter of time, but Apple’s HomePod music and smart home system is now showing up at Target. It’s still priced at $349 but using the Target REDcard 5% discount is as good as it gets on Apple devices. If you’re thinking of picking one up in store, I would call the location […]

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I Don’t Know Fashion

Obviously my fashion sense is flawed, especially when Target is involved. Here I thought the Victoria Beckham collaboration with Target would be very popular. But judging from the inventory currently available, it appears that this Spice Girl-turned-designer collection isn’t doing that well. After looking through the line, yeah, I’m not won over. Maybe it’s just […]

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Target Kailua Now With More Self Service

I guess after a one-year learning session with these self checkout counters at Target Kailua, the time to expand was right. Now the self checkout counters have about doubled with the installation of another row. Amazingly, the traditional checkout counters manned by employees still have long queues. I guess business must be good?

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The Next Fashion Crush at Target

The next fashion crush at Target will happen this Sunday on April 9, 2017. My only source of this information is this poster announcing the launch of Victoria Beckham’s clothing line collaboration with Target.  If this is like other collaborations in Target’s past, the store will be stormed and inventory wiped out essentially that day.

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Target Kailua Getting Self Serving

Target Kailua Getting Self Serving

Now this is a very welcomed change to the Target location on the Windward side. Check this out. Yes, that is a self checkout station. One of several in fact that’s being installed where the previous express registers were. If you’ve shopped at Target Kailua, you know of the line imbalance. There’s usually one or […]

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Chicken Crossing the Road

For whatever reason, I find this video of a chicken running across the road of the Target Kailua parking lot very entertaining.   Maybe she was amped up from that Starbucks coffee.

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Note to Self: Target Hawaii Does Not Price Match Amazon

Just a reminder to myself that Target locations in Hawaii do not price match online stores. They’ll price match but not other sites like On the mainland, it’s a different story, but be wary of the “except Alaska and Hawaii” exemption clauses. So if you ever need to upgrade your cable modem to […]

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How Hard Is It to Make Color Copies?

Much too hard is the answer. So I wanted to make copies, actually smaller versions of a school photo. From a color 8×10 photo, I needed a 4×6 and some 3×5 sizes. First, I call Target to see if they have photo services. I was ensured they have a photo kiosk near Customer Service. I […]

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The Dregs of Lilly Pulitzer at Target

Yes, I’m still fascinated by the successful disaster that was the Lilly Pulitzer collaboration with Target. The demand and attraction, the fanfare, the hate, the Black Friday-like lines of shoppers, the crazy resale markup – all so fun to watch (from afar). In most locations, all traces of the Lilly Pulitzer launch have been sanitized, […]

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The Existence of Lilly Pulitzer at Target

A mere two days after the release of Lilly Pulitzer’s affordable collection at Target, it’s like it never happened. On Sunday, Lilly fans overwhelmed Target and its stock. On Tuesday, there was nothing to be found. Even the signage celebrating the collection was removed, and all the clothing displays reset. You would’ve been none the […]

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