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DisplayPort 1.2, MacBook Pro 2016, Dell Ultrasharp U2515H, MST

So it looks like my “new” MacBook Pro 2016 with TouchBar and Radeon Pro 460 with 4 MB does not support DisplayPort Multi-Stream Transport (MST).  MST allows the daisy chaining of supported monitors. I got a USB-C to DisplayPort cable from Amazon and connected it to my first Dell UltraSharp U2515H. The display finally mirrored […]

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WordPress 4.7 Broke My Login

Aw boo, upgrading to the latest WordPress 4.7 Vaughan accidentally broke my ability to login. Instead, I was caught in a loop where WP wanted to update the database but couldn’t. No matter what, the site kept wanting to update the database, but couldn’t, never getting past that point. Googling this problem shows others have encountered […]

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Fighting with macOS Optimized Storage

I’ve been fighting with the new macOS Optimized Storage feature today. I accidentally enabled this feature while trying to free up space on my drive. Optimized Storage does make it easy to see what’s taking up all the space and then free up that space. But then you end up with this Purgeable space that […]

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iPhone 7 Migration: Notifications

Another oddity about moving to a new iPhone. Some notifications make the move while other don’t, and I don’t know why. Came home to see that an Amazon shipment scheduled for Wednesday had already arrived today, but I wasn’t notified on my iPhone. Well, I was…on my iPhone 6. It had all the Amazon notifications […]

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Apple Airport Express 802.11g Rides Again

I’ve had the older 802.11g Apple Airport Express sitting in a box unused for a few years. Ever since Apple updated its Airport Utility management software to ignore this older model, it essentially became unusable. Until now… Well, I guess this solution has been out there for some time, but I only stumbled upon it yesterday. […]

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Daisy Chaining DisplayPort Displays

Bye VGA, bye DVI. Got Dell UltraSharp U2515H displays that only have HDMI and DisplayPort inputs. But there’s this “weird” DisplayPort that wasn’t working for me…until I learned that it’s an ouput for DisplayPort, not an input. But why would a monitor need an output port? So you can daisy chain them. Yup, I learned […]

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Apple Watch Stand Shopping

Looking for a stand for my Apple Watch. Right now, the best selling stand on Amazon is a bamboo block cut to hold the watch and an iPhone. Kinda cool and very affordable, but I’m looking for something a little more modern looking, so I’m going with the still-affordable LXORY XStand. It’s that orange highlights […]

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Learning How to Brew a Wii

I had never come across this before and only recently inherited an used Nintendo Wii, but it looks like the Wii still has some tricks left. Released in 2006 and discontinued in 2013, the Wii hardware supports other uses like running emulators of other gaming consoles. By modding the Wii with the Homebrew Channel, users […]

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