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Checking Out Apple CarPlay

Like me, you may have heard of Apple’s CarPlay “system” that links your iPhone with your vehicle but never saw CarPlay in action. Today, I got a first hand look at CarPlay via the Alpine iLX-007 in-dash receiver. An aftermarket car stereo replacement, the iLX is CarPlay personified. Connecting your iPhone to the iLX brings up the familiar iOS screen […]

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Signing Up for Bloglovin

After learning of Bloglovin from Ryan Ozawa via the Hawaii Slack channel of #bloggers, I had to do some exploring. Not a lot since I’m still sick but enough to pass the time while I’m not down and out. Follow my blog with Bloglovin.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2014: 10TB Drives

Forget hard disks that can store 8 terabytes of data. That’s so two weeks ago! Your digital packrat deserves two more terabytes like these new Western Digital 10TB, Ultrastar He10, drives. Yes, these drives are filled with helium that provide less resistance than oxygen and data is recorded on tracks shingled analogous to roof shingles. […]

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Saved by Time Machine…Again

Yes, once again, Time Machine has saved my bacon. Of all the features and abilities of Mac OS X, Time Machine by far has to be the most “tangible,” sparing so many users from catastrophic data loss. Or like in my case, sparing me a few times. And there I was in that familiar position, […]

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Two Weeks with the Mio MiVue 388

After two weeks of driving with the Mio MiVue 388 in-vehicle digital video recorder, I have seen the automotive industry’s accessory of the future. I have no doubt that soon enough, every vehicle on the road will be equipped with cameras. What is the Mio MiVue? Simply, the Mio MiVue is a “dashcam,” or a […]

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Holiday Gift Guide 2014: U2F Security Key

Holiday Gift Guide 2014: U2F Security Key

This is for the security conscious techie person in your life. You may have heard about the many recent online incidents dealing with stolen passwords, credit card information, and personal photos. The key take away is that the traditional password just isn’t enough to protect your online identity. This holiday season you need to better […]

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Apple Pay Worked for Me

Upgrading to iOS 8.1 was easy enough, but then what do I do with an Apple Pay enabled iPhone 6? You try it out on a break room vending machine, and amazingly Apple Pay worked! First, I had to setup Apple Pay, associating my iTunes information for payment. Then I walked by the vending machine […]

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Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Powerbeats2 Wireless

If you’re on Santa’s Nice List, you have to ask for the Powerbeats2 Wireless. Because once you get these and start reminiscing about the past then you’re two-thirds the way to an awesome physique. Check out LeBron James as an example. Pair of the Powerbeats2 Wireless? Check. Remembering his heritage and returning home. Check and […]

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One Week with the iPhone 6

It’s been barely one week using my new iPhone 6, but here are a few more observations. Does it bend? Seriously, what? Why is #bendgate even a thing? Um, how about not sitting on your phone to begin with. And if you had a plastic encased phone, I’m guessing the phone would crack. At least […]

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Haunted by the AT&T Ringtone

Imaging hearing this audio sound again and again but very faintly. Eventually, it’ll drive you crazy. [audio:] That’s what haunted me as my LG G3 Android phone was stuck playing this tune. The screen wasn’t responsive, the phone was getting hot, but I would hear that AT&T ringtone every few minutes indicating some function. Not […]

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Initial Thoughts About the iPhone 6

After a few days using my iPhone 6, here are a few observations and thoughts. I went with the 4.7-in screen iPhone 6, wary of the large 5.5 iPhone 6+, but I did succumb and maxed out memory. It’s thin. Very thin. That’s the very first thing you notice when you pick up the phone. […]

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The New Look of Pulp

Notice anything different around here? Actually, Pulpconnection has been different since the end of August, but I just didn’t have the focus to summarize the changes. So on a quiet Sunday morning with a cup of Nespresso, I’m motivated to list the changes. New Look First and foremost, you’ll notice the new look of Pulpconnection. […]

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