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Downton Abbey, My Latest Craze

My latest passion and addiction has been watching Downton Abbey from PBS. Although the show’s not of my typical genre, I like it! Compared to The Game of Thrones, the world of Downtown seems so small and insulated. Yet, the interactions of the family and staff make for a compelling hour of television. Almost done […]

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Old School Commercials of Hawaii

Check out this Honolulu Magazine post collecting some of the classic television commercials from back in the day. I remembered all of them but had forgotten the impact of that silent Zippy’s commercial (featuring Jade Moon).

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Rose McGowan’s Face

After watching ABC’s Once Upon a Time tonight, I couldn’t quite tell if that was Charmed’s Rose McGowan guest starring (it was). But she looked much different and a quick Google search revealed this top result for “rose mcgowan face.” what happened to rose mcgowan face – Ask Community

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Cory and Topanga

Cory and Topanga Coming Back

Yes, Boy Meets World is making a comeback in a rebooted show called Girl Meets World. The Girl is Cory and Topanga’s daughter. Read about the return at Entertainment Weekly. Topanga has to be one of the best names ever and has even spawned its own (unflattering) definitions in Urban Dictionary.

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Vote for Hawaii Five-0’s Alternate Ending

Who committed the crime? Was it theBoss, theTA, or theStudent? It’s up to the public to decide by voting for the ending you want to see on Hawaii Five-0’s January 14th episode. Go here to read the details. Although Hawaii residents can’t influence the ending of the H50 showing in our time zone, I’d vote […]

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Gem Parfait on Hawaii Five-0?

In a future ep of Hawaii Five-0, watch the stylings of the female cast. You might see this Gem Parfait handmade, custom piece on the necks of Grace Park or Michelle Borth. So be sure to slow motion their scenes and study them carefully.

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Hunting the Game of Thrones

It all started with this Oatmeal comic about the availability of HBO’s Game of Thrones. So I started hunting for this acclaimed series, and luckily, Season 1 released on March 6, 2012. But which format to get? There’s the physical media (DVD or Blu-ray) then there’s streaming (HD or SD), and relatedly, renting versus owning. […]

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Lanny and Wayne Are Back!

Santa’s elves, Lanny and Wayne, are back in another episode of Prep & Landing. Get ready for Prep & Landing: Naughty vs. Nice coming on December 5 when this mismatched duo are on a mission to recover stolen North Pole technology.

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Tasha Kobashigawa Is Still Flying

A chance encounter. Standing in line at the Honolulu International Airport, waiting to depart to LAX. I turn around and see a face, a familiar face. Same but different. Then it hits me: “This is my final broadcast.” It’s none other than former-KITV-news-anchor-turned-pilot Tasha Kobashigawa. Although she wasn’t piloting this United flight, it appeared she […]

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