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eBay Peeve: Real?

Okay, not an eBay tip but a pet peeve. Just how are you supposed to answer questions asking if your items for sale are real or authentic? Um, yes… What kind of question is that? If fake, would I admit to that? And how am I supposed to determine the authenticity either? Yeah, I’ve been […]

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Deleting Bulk Email from Gmail

With thousands of unread email in Gmail, it was time to clean house. But just how do you select more than one screen worth of email at a time in Gmail? As a product from Google, I should have known better – you use search. Yup, in the Gmail search bar, you do something like […]

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How to Enter a Promo Code on Shutterfly

Just as a reminder, but here’s the link on how to enter a promo code on Shutterfly. Login, go to My Shutterfly, go to My Account Info further down the screen, enter the code number in the Promos/Gift Cards/Gift Certificates box. This is useful when you get a $10 coupon for a Photobook via Facebook.

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Nesting iTunes Smart Playlist Rules

This just shows how much I use the features in iTunes. I only recently learned that you can “nest” rules when creating Smart Playlists. The default is to have and/or behavior represented by the Smart Playlist terms of “all” or “any.” But what if you want a Smart Playlist that follows any of a certain […]

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Microwave, stove, refrigerator, and hand towels

Amenities in a Two-Bedroom Villa at Disney Aulani

If you’re staying in a two-bedroom villa at the Disney Aulani, don’t worry, it’s fully stocked with amenities. Featuring a full kitchen and a washer and dryer, the accommodations comes with all the necessities you need. Take a look. And yes, the villas includes daily room cleaning and turndown. Down the hall, you can dump […]

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New Flickr Moved the Slideshow Embed

Flickr has been making changes to its age-old system. While for the most part, the changes are welcomed, but sometimes, I want the old Flickr back. Like when embedding a slideshow. Where did that feature go? While you can’t see it, embedding is still available. Open the photo set you want and append /show after […]

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Five Offbeat Tips for Cruising with Disney

With its legions of dedicated fans, pretty much everything about the Disney Cruise Line has been documented and discussed. But I’m adding five tips off the well-known path while cruising with Disney. Before digging into all the great food, just don’t eat the food in front. Don’t match everyone else’s Disney looks, be original and […]

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DCL Tip: Pack Your Bags

Excited about your upcoming vacation with the Disney Cruise Line? What will you pack? What will the weather be like? Will it be hot, will it be cold? Will you encounter 50-degree temperature swings? With so much to consider While packing your bags, here’s my packing tip – pack a few more bags in your […]

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Magnetic Disney stateroom doors

DCL Tip: Strong Magnets

If you’ve looked at Disney discussion boards like to prepare for a Disney cruise, you might have seen forum posts about decorating the magnetic stateroom doors. While I can vouch that it is possible, my tip is to use strong magnets, really strong magnets. The stateroom doors on the Disney Wonder are thick and […]

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DCL Tip: Non-Tear Free Shampoo

After playing in the busy swimming pool onboard the Disney Wonder, parents may want to give their kids a good cleaning. So back in your stateroom, you’ll use extra everything – extra soap, extra shampoo, and extra conditioner. Then you’ll hear your kids scream out, “My eyes! My eyes!” Ooops, sorry. The provided H20-branded shampoo […]

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Crazy Shirts Disney Collection

DCL Tip: Disney Crazy Shirts

Of course while on a Disney Cruise Line tour, you expect to see Disney garbed passengers. After a short while, you see the same shirts and designs again and again and again. How do you show off your Disney fandom but also be just a little bit different? Wear Disney themed shirts from Crazy Shirts. […]

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DCL Tip: Don’t Eat the Food in Front

This tip probably applies beyond the Disney Cruise Lines, but it’s worth saying. When eating in a buffet setup like at the Beach Blanket Buffet onboard the Disney Wonder, don’t take or eat the food that’s on the front edge of the serving trays. I personally witnessed one too many kids poking, prodding, taking, and […]

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