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Stadium Mall to Nuuanu Via the H3

So to see how traffic was, I mapped out Stadium Mall to Nuuanu on Google Maps. Amazingly, Google told me to take the H3 over the Koolaus then go townbound on the Pali. 30 minutes said Google. I was thinking of taking Moanalua Highway towards Tripler, but Google said that route would take 15 minutes […]

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Street Cameras for the World Conservation Congress

Have you noticed the recently added street view cameras on Kapiolani Blvd? They’re not that big and really the signs posted on the traffic lights about these cameras are bigger than the cameras themselves.   But yes, these have been installed for the upcoming World Conservation Congress coming to Hawaii next week, potentially causing messy […]

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“Barack and Chill” Defined

I’m defining “Barack and Chill” as: What Hawaii residents have to patiently do while awaiting delays caused by President Barack Obama’s annual holiday stay. If you don’t Barack and chill, you wouldn’t handle delays like this as the freeways are shutdown for the Presidential motorcade making its way to Hickam for their departure. #HITraffic on […]

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Why Danielle Tucker Is the Best Traffic Reporter

Yup, Danielle is definitely the best traffic reporter on Oahu. Not only are her traffic reports detailed, understandable, and extremely useful, but she interacts with her audience, helping them through their commute. Case in point was Tuesday’s traffic debacle. Leaving work almost immediately I ran into a backlog of cars, and time ticked by trying […]

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A 1-2-3-4+ Morning

This morning featured a major, six-plus car accident on the H1 westbound. Not wanting to be stuck in that snarled traffic, I sheltered at Starbucks in Kaneohe and snacked on a bacon, egg, gouda breakfast sandwich that earned me 3 bonus reward stars. Checking Waze and Twitter for traffic updates, it still didn’t look good, […]

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Arashi Blast: Westbound Traffic

When I saw the horrid westbound traffic this afternoon, I wondered if another Exercise Urban Unrest was underway. The rationale being to observe the traffic crush to Ko’olina this weekend as Arashi takes the stage in their Blast in Hawaii concerts. That’s 15,000 fans headed to the west side for 5:30 concerts on Friday and […]

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Gregg Hammer Imitates Danielle Tucker

Must be professional courtesy otherwise why hasn’t Gregg Hammer imitated the excellent traffic reporter, Danielle Tucker? Just listen to this combination of Gregg mimicking Danielle letting loose her personal commentary about the traffic situations.

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