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TVPad No Longer

Well that explains it. Legal action has taken down the service provided by TVPad. So all those TVPad channels are no longer working. Even changing the DNS server is no longer a workaround. So it’s no longer beware the TVPad. It’s now don’t buy the TVPad.

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Buyer Beware the TVPad

What looks like an AppleTV, runs the Android OS, and irritates me to no end? It’s the TVPad! First off, I admit that the language barrier didn’t help the situation, but if you’re thinking of getting one of these boxes, just know what you’re getting into. The TVPad is a custom box that runs specific […]

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Why Doesn’t the TVPad m121 Have Wifi?

Seriously? After online research, I’ve painfully discovered the TVPad m121 does not support Wifi. Not sure if there’s no hardware built into the AppleTV Gen2 looking device, or if the hardware is not software enabled. In either case, makes streaming Internet television much harder without convenient Wifi connectivity. Time to spend more money and set […]

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